King County ballot drop box.
King County ballot drop box.

Ballots for the August 18th 19th primary are due next Tuesday, so be certain to mark your ballot up soon. Seattle Transit Blog has endorsed the following candidates:

These are the best candidates for Seattle’s transit future. Consider giving them your vote.

16 Replies to “Who to Vote For”

  1. Uhm, it’s the August 18th primary. And I’d love to give Richard Conlin my vote on Tuesday, but he’s not on the ballot until November. Since only two candidates filed for his position, there’s no need for a primary election vote. And isn’t it Whom to vote for? (OK, I know, this is just a blog, no editors or anything like that. I’m just feeling snippy this morning, I guess)

  2. Yes, “whom”. A dying remnant of pronoun declension, but some of us will continue to defend it.

    1. Thank you Julie! We will continue both to defend AND use “whom” – and know the difference between fewer and less, too.

    2. Don’t get me started – why can’t people get lose and loose correct?

      I also saw a poster where the phrase, “…don’t let this agency decisions the future questions…” Decisions as a verb? AAARRRGHH!

  3. Considering the Port of Seattle’s enormous budget, ownership of 4,000 acres in King County, and influence on everything from the viaduct to the eastside rail corridor, do you have recommendations on the Port of Seattle commission races?

    We, of course, recommend Max Vekich (Pos 4) and Rob Holland (Pos 3) for the Port of Seattle. Vekich and Holland are not beholden to eastside developers and Pat Davis cronies. They want to protect industrial lands, improve transit options related to the airport and maritime port, and are focused on improving the Port’s energy efficiency and pollution controls beyond the Port’s current “whatever the tenants want” attitude.

    1. I wish we understood the Port better. As it stands, if we endorsed Port candidates we’d basically be either guessing or parroting the endorsements of people we trust.

  4. The people who actually do the work of transporting our regions bus, trolley, and rail passengers — Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 — have endorsed David Miller for Seattle City Council Position 8 because of his views on transportation and support for including Union members in decisions about transportation infrastructure.

  5. Despite the good and bad things Nickels has done, it’s probably best to keep him in the seat for a couple more years, therefore reducing policy shifting and a Seattle-wide armageddon if another person (with different policies) was elected.

    The KC Executive one is pretty hard. Phillips and Constantine pretty much have the same ideas. But Phillips has the better TV ad :D

  6. I ahve no commet aboutg the Seattle races. I do want to point out that if you like out side Seattle like i do Dow Constantine does bot care about you. He only cares about the part of the county within the city limits. We need a King County Executive not another Mayor of Seattle.

  7. Instead of endorsing a candidate for King Co. Exec. just write “a you vote for Susan Hutchinson is a vote for armageddon”.

    Is anyone else horrified at the idea of Hutchinson running King Co.? God help us all.

  8. Scarier than Hutchinson? Yes, Dow is much scarier. He really does not want to be Executive He wants to be the second Mayor of Seattle. That is the only part of the county he cares about.

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