King Street Station at night by the Author
King Street Station at night by the Author

Mayor Greg Nickels, via Facebook, said that the renovated King Street Station clocks will be restarted today. He was pondering to what music would be most fitting. I’d have to say Pink Floyd – Time but his suggestion of “Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower” would be just as fitting.

Any suggestions I can forward to him?

Check out the press release – and yes, I am going to be there!

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  1. How about “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” by Chicago.

    (Now if they can just start running the big clocks inside Pioneer Square and Westlake Stations in the DSTT. They’ve been stuck at “12:00” ever since the tunnel reopened 2 years ago!)

      1. Blame Tim Eyman for this and his wretched I-695. Restoring KSS has been on the books for at least ten years until that [expletive deleted by me] came along

  2. Brian

    Wish we could have known this earlier as I would have liked to have been there after all this time and interest in King Street Station! When did the City release this information?

    By the way, All Along the Watchtower is a Bob Dylan song from his 1968 album John Wesley Harding, and not a Hendrix song.

    PS When are they going to turn on the lights in the clock tower??

    1. Sure, but Hendrix’s cover of Dylan’s song is a classic, and he gets extra credit for being a Seattleite.

    2. Hendrix’s version is much more well known than Dylan’s original. Dylan himself considers it the definitive version of the song and plays closer to Hendrix’s version when he performs the song live. Plus Hendrix was of course from Seattle.

      1. Yes agreed – and Dylan has always played the song as Hendrix played it but the original does have a power all its own as do all of the songs from John Wesley Harding….

  3. Does anyone know what’s going on behind the tall, white fence that’s been erected on Jackson? That’s the location of the old parking lot. Aren’t they going to make that into a park and open up the huge staircase? I did see a name on the fence, it said to contact Vinh Nyugen regarding the project. I’m sure Vinh is a city of Seattle employee.

    I also understand that the odor control facility is done between King Street station and the stairs leading to the Sounder. As I understand it from Trevina Wang (who I know is with the city), that when this is finished that they will start up with the interior remodeling again. I hope that means the old drop ceiling will be history soon? Anyone have anymore insight into this?

    1. I heard that area on Jackson will become a plaza, with the grand staircase opened up again from there and a restaurant at the street level.

    2. Yes the plaza is to be redone with the railing restored and the grand staircase restored to how they used to be.

      In Phase II, the ceiling will come down, but why we have to wait till the odor control facility is done is beyond me – smells fishy to me!

      By the way, the fact that Greg Nickles is a strong advocate of King Street Station restoration work speaks well to his record – just thought I’d toss this in.

      1. The odor control facility construction office is in the area to be demolished to open up the grand staircase. Once they are gone, the demolition will begin.

        Once the staircase is opened up, the building will be sandblasted.

        Once the exterior work is done, they will move to the interior.

  4. Unchained Melody by the Everly Brothers

    Too much time on my hands by Styx

    Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel, though I prefer the Bangles cover.

    So Brian, what was it like seeing McCheese climb up all those stairs??

    1. How cool it’d be if there were bells at King St Sta. One of the best experiences I’ve had in London is walking through The City of a Sunday morning and hearing all the church bells ringing in the old Wren churches there.

  5. I tried to go to this event, but they wouldn’t let me in as I’m not part of the media. An employee from the City gave me his business card and suggested I get a group together to take a tour of the station. Next STB meet-up?

      1. I agree. I was very excited to see a major step in King Street’s revival. At least the City employee was friendly and helpful.

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