That aint right, by litlnemo
"That ain't right", by litlnemo

This week begins a long series of meetings and open houses in the Puget Sound:

  • The STB/NorthwestHub meet-up on Thursday night, October 8.
  • As an appetizer for our meetup you can attend the Capitol Hill Station open house at 6pm the same night.
  • The first “PT Tomorrow” (Pierce Transit’s overhaul campaign) open house is in Lakewood on October 6.
  • East Link public workshops start Monday the 12th in Redmond and finish Thursday October 15th in Bel-Red.  The pitchforks will be out on October 14th, when South Bellevue residents attempt to avoid the blight of rail service and get the train shoved out to the BNSF tracks along I-405.

Aside from the first, I’m not expecting anyone from staff to attend any of these, so if anything interesting happens a report would be appreciated.

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  1. Expect me at the meeting on the 14th to lobby for South Bellevue Way, also going to try to make PT Tomorrow meetings.

    Speaking of meet ups, what ever happened to a meet up in Bellevue?

    1. Even though I live and work in Seattle I wouldn’t mind seeing the occasional meetup in East or South King County. I think there are a number of people who’d like to come who for various reasons can’t make a meetup in Seattle. Also there is the possibility of getting speakers/guests from other parts of the region.

    2. I’ve taken the day off to go to the South Bellevue meeting. I’m looking forward to reinforcing need for Link alignment to hit South Bellevue P&R where it will have far better potential for connections to multiple existing bus routes (240, 222, 560, 555, 556) as well as better access to link to routes coming from I-90 East (214, 216, 218, 554, etc….) I will be able to access it via a 15 minute walk – as I currently do for the 550 going into Seattle.

      The folks in Surrey Downs are probably getting a lot of ammo from ST’s current noise issues. Hopefully they can quickly resolve those issues to diffuse that issue. (On that note, I was able to hear some of the noise from Link while waiting a light at the Mount Baker Transit Center. I sure wouldn’t want to own a home near that.

      Count me in on a meet up in Bellevue. Of course, now that I’m working downtown, I should be able to make those just as easily now…

    3. Putting together meetups is about the third priority here, so it sometimes falls by the wayside.

      Bellevue is still on the radar, it just won’t be this one.

  2. Hopefully can make the PT meeting. Although I would like to go to a Link / ST meeting if only to rally against the anti-rail people who might attend.

  3. According to the 2009-10-05 The New Takhoman, there’s a public hearing on October 6 regarding the development deal between Sound Transit and the City of Tacoma on the Sounder extension to Lakewood.

    A little more research showed that this is actually the final reading of Ordinance No. 27833 during the regular weekly City Council meeting at 5:00 p.m.:

    Authorizing the execution of a Right of Use Agreement with Sound Transit for its nonexclusive use of specific City rights-of-way in relation to the development of the Lakewood to Tacoma commuter rail project, located from East D Street to South M Street, within the Tacoma City limits.

    The “D to M Street Development Agreement Draft” is available at city’s page on the project.

  4. The Kitsap Transit board meets Thursday, 2009-10-08 at 2:00 p.m. in the Norm Dicks Government Center’s stylish community meeting room, where it’s anticipated the board will eviscerate Kitsap County’s remaining bus service, and exterminate the heavily-used-and-much-depended-on Route 14. (Access service will remain little-touched, and neither its current structure, nor the expensive practice of paying private cab companies to make scheduled runs when Access is unable to keep appointments, appear to have been seriously examined.)

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