Photo by Oran
Photo by Oran

The public comments on Route 16 stop consolidation are in, and they’ve saved a few bus stops that were previously slated for elimination, bringing the count from 33 to 27 stops (out of 109) eliminated.

The list of stops that will cease to be served on November 29th is after the jump.

SB = Southbound, EB = Eastbound, FS = Far Side, NS = Near Side
16970 SB Meridian Ave N 80′ FS N 107th St
17000 SB College Way N 90′ FS N 100th St
17030 SB Wallingford Ave N 110′ FS N 92nd St
17050 SB Wallingford Ave N 25′ NS N 88th St
17060 SB Wallingford Ave N 10′ NS N 85th St
17090 EB N 80th St 110′ FS Stroud Ave N
17130 EB Woodlawn Ave NE 100′ FS 1st Ave NE
17150 EB Woodlawn Ave NE 20′ NS NE Maple Leaf Pl
17190 SB Woodlawn Ave N 75′ FS N 66th St
17220 SB Meridian Ave N 90′ FS N 61st St
17240 SB Kirkwood Pl N 45′ NS N 56th St
17270 SB Meridian Ave N 20′ NS N 51st St
17290 SB Meridian Ave N 20′ NS N 48th St
7420 WB Valley St 30′ NS Taylor Ave N

4210 NB 5th Ave N 110′ FS John St
17430 NB Meridian Ave N 70′ FS N 46th St
17450 NB Meridian Ave N 60′ FS N 51st St
17480 NB Kirkwood Pl N 80′ FS N 57th St
17500 NB Meridian Ave N 80′ FS N 61st St
17520 NB Woodlawn Ave N 80′ FS N 65th St
17580 NB Woodlawn Ave NE 70′ FS 2nd Ave NE
17620 WB N 80th St 70′ FS Bagley Ave N
17630 WB N 80th St 75′ FS Stroud Ave N
17670 NB Wallingford Ave N 90′ FS N 88th St
17690 EB N 92nd St 145′ FS Wallingford Ave N
17720 NB College Way N 50′ NS N 100th St
17750 NB Meridian Ave N 140′ FS N 107th St

9 Replies to “Route 16 Update”

  1. Has Metro done any analysis of the operating cost savings (and social welfare benefits) that measure like this create?

    1. As reported in the post I linked, to the original plan was to save about $50,000 a year in operating costs.

  2. This is great news! I wasn’t looking forward to walking down a dark block to the new stop on Monday!

  3. Is Metro’s bus stop program just one of stop elimination? Seems to me that might not always be best practice; some cases call for eliminating two stops and then putting on new one in between the two that are eliminated. Of course this means creating a new bus stop, and that takes staff time and field work.

  4. Interesting to see Metro transit advertising signs on bus shelters in Seattle. Let’s hope it’s a precursor to having regular advertising panels on them, to generate some revenue for transit operations.

      1. Given the financial situation of Metro I don’t really have a problem with a little more advertizing if it means saving some service, getting some nice bus shelters, or maybe some real-time information displays.

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