I really wish Adam was in town to participate in this.  SDOT is soliciting three new volunteers for the Pedestrian Advisory Board.  From the press release:

SEATTLE – Mayor Greg Nickels is seeking three volunteers to serve on the Pedestrian Advisory Board. Residents are invited to apply to serve on a volunteer committee that plays an influential role in implementing Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan. The board advises the mayor and City Council, participates in planning and project development, evaluates policies and makes recommendations.

Board members serve a two-year term, with an opportunity to serve a second term. The volunteers are frequent walkers of a variety of ages, levels of mobility and walks of life, and from areas throughout the city. Members must be Seattle residents and may not be city employees. The group meets the second Wednesday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. at City Hall, located at 600 Fourth Ave., James and Cherry streets.

People interested in serving on the board are encouraged to submit by Dec. 16 a resume and cover letter explaining their interest to:

Brian Dougherty, Seattle Department of Transportation,
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3900,
P.O. Box 34996, Seattle Washington, 98124-4996,

or via e-mail to

For more information, call Brian Dougherty at (206) 684-5124, or e-mail him at the address above.

These advisory boards are really interesting if you’re into a subject because you learn a lot about the process and the constraints that planners deal with.

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  1. Haha thanks. I would love to do this if I could. Even if I was a Seattle resident right now it could interfere with the job search that I’ll be starting soon. Could I do a tad bit of self promotion and say that I’ll soon start looking for a job?

    I’ll be graduating in June with a masters in transportation engineering from the UW. My undergraduate background is urban planning and civil engineering and during school I have worked at TCC on parking and transportation policy issues, at WSDOT at the traffic management center, and at the Transpo Group doing ITS design. I have written for the blog since February.

    You can see a copy of my old resume at

  2. I’ll second Martin’s recommendation – and add that Seattle’s pedestrian community needs all the help we can get! SDOT is doing some good things, we have a new Mayor who is pretty familiar with pedestrian concerns, the Pedestrian Master Plan needs to be implemented (and funded)…there’s a lot going on. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, we can always use help at Feet First as well (see below).

    John Stewart
    Feet First

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