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If you’ve got nothing better to do this Sunday, here’s another excuse to take Link.  New York-based Improv Everywhere is having its 8th annual ‘No Pants! Subway Ride’ and invites cities around the world to pantslessly jump on board.  With light rail now up and running in Seattle, Emerald City Improv is snagging the chance for locals to participate in the global event.  The ‘No Pants’ ride, which was conceived in 2002, attracted 1200 participants in New York City alone last year plus 1000 more in other cities.  Here is some information about this year’s Seattle event (RSVP on the Facebook page):

Every January, Improv Everywhere in New York stages their annual “No Pants! Subway Ride.” Cities around the globe participate. This year, Emerald City Improv in Seattle invites you to participate in our first annual “No Pants! Light Rail Ride.”

This event will occur SUNDAY, JANUARY 10th, from 12:00- 3:00

1) Willing to take pants off on light rail
2) Able to keep a straight face about it

Meet at the plaza at 4th Ave and Pine St, across from Westlake Center, at noon.

For the sake of decency, though, you’ll probably need to wear underpants.  Assuming ST police and security manage not to throw any fits, we should hope to avoid what happened in New York during their 5th annual ‘No Pants!’ ride:

The fifth annual No Pants ride was abruptly halted by a cop. All passengers, including those not participating, were forced to exit the train as it was taken out of service. 8 people were handcuffed in their underwear and taken into custody. A month later a judge dismissed all of the charges. It is not illegal to wear your underwear in public in New York City. Just ask the Naked Cowboy. The incident was reported by news agencies around the world. David Letterman made two monologue jokes, about it and staged a No Pants Cab Ride as a parody. Keith Olbermann interviewed Agent Todd about the legality of No Pants. Around 150 people participated in the ride.

70 Replies to “Ride Link Without Pants This Sunday”

  1. Why do you not want people to be playful and fun? I love the idea of having it happen. My only thought would be that it should happen on the SLUT (South Lake Union Trolley).

  2. I don’t think there is anything playful or fun about subjecting the public, especially children, to men pulling down their pants (and in some cases, pants and underwear), in front of them. If you get off on pulling down your pants, do it in private, or around others who are into it. Get together at someone’s house or go rent a warehouse and do it there. Don’t involve the unsuspecting public.

    1. If you have such a problem with children seeing other people’s underwear perhaps you should stay home from 12 – 3 on the 12th.

      1. Actually – with the way some guys wear their pants, isn’t no pants almost every day?

    2. when you get offended by what others are doing, you are making a choice. Don’t make other people conform to your morals. It doesn’t take much to stay off Link from 12 to 3 on the 12th.

      1. Me thinking men shouldn’t pull down their pants in front of children on public transportation is me making others conform to my morals?

      2. No, Actually you sound Sexist. By saying Men, you imply that it is ok for women, if that is not what you ment you should use the word people, not men.

        You may want to stay away from freemont, and the beaches when the sun starts coming out as well.

        My Personal responce would be to wear a Kilt on Sunday… no pants, and probably not going to offend anyone ;)

        Lor Scara

    3. Nobody is pulling down their underwear. Its a “no pants” ride, not a “no panties” ride. Don’t be so sensitive. Everyone is covered and basically wearing bathing suit bottoms.

    1. This was a promotion funded by T-Mobile which cost thousands of dollars and they’re all trained actors, not everyday people.

  3. Improv everywhere is great – look at some of the many very cool things they have done. When we cannot laugh at ourselves and our foibles, we are doomed.

  4. The purpose of Improv Everywhere is to “cause scenes of chaos and joy.” There will be tons of people (490 already say they are coming), women and men of all ages, riding light rail in their underwear. I personally find that quite funny.

    Sam — would you not take children to the beach because they might see someone in a bikini or speedo? Really. As a former child, I think I would find this quite funny. As you will. :)

  5. we’re Emerald City Improv actually, not Improv Everywhere. We’re participating in the annual No Pants Ride sponsored by improv Everywhere. thought I’d mention the difference.

    And we aren’t a flash mob. There’s a difference, trust me.

    And all of our participants are required to wear underwear. So really, it shouldn’t be any worse than, say, a day at the beach.

  6. Does Sound Transit have a no shirts, no shoes, no service policy?

    I mean, if I were from out of town and saw Rainier Beach on the Link map, I’d expect to see some people in their swimsuits riding the train with sand and water scattered over the floor.

  7. Oh, grow up everyone. I am glad I will not be on transit when this happens.

  8. Urge all riders to be sure to have their Proof Of Payment on their person…if not in their pants’ pocket, then elsewhere. I can easily imagine that this train could get fare inspected. I’m sure transit security will be aware of the event.

    1. Don’t worry: I have RRFP ORCA (with a $2.50 pass) and a Microsoft ID and my brother has UPASS (not UPASS lite, but the full UPASS) and an ORCA to play with

  9. Count me & Adam in if we’re not busy!

    As for you sissies out there, grow up and enjoy the laughs!

  10. There is nothing funny about immodest dress. I am grateful I will be in Church when this starts. I will leave this “fun” to the typical heathens I see around Seattle.

    1. You know, Matthew, I happen to be a church-goer as well, but what I do find funny is the fact that I’ve never read any scripture that denounces “immodest dress.” By all means, you’re free to conform to man’s attempt at a God-appeasing tradition if you must. Isn’t this a free country? Let the no-pants riders do as they please, and you can share in the same privilege.

      1. If I’m a grade school teacher, and your child was a student of mine, and I pulled down my pants in front of the class, would you consider what I did playful and fun, or would you be outraged and offended? If it’s the latter, perhaps you should move to Oklahoma.

    2. Why are people failing to see that this is not a sexual event? This isn’t an event where people will be filming their own porn on public transit. This is merely an event, which should have been more of a surprise than advertised, to see people’s reactions when it is done in such a group setting. Most people will laugh when they realize there is a large group participating.

      1. People are failing to see this is not a sexual event because SOME people don’t think the same way as you (were human, that’s what happens) Personally, I can see the point of it, but that doesn’t mean everyone will. Times are crazy, you don’t know if some weirdo decides to start playin grabass.

      2. Times were, and always will be crazy. It’s just that people decide to go off the deep end and think out every worst case scenario and ruin everything by living in the world of “what if”.

      3. Indeed you’re right, times always have been crazy. They’re only getting crazier. Things that were once safe to do (opening a window on a hot summer night, even kids playing outside for example to name a couple) are not as safe to do now as they were say 20, 30, 40, etc. years ago. Unfortunate but true. I’m not against this, hey do whatever you want. But personally, these days, I would rather live in the world of “what if” instead of (for lack of a better term) naive trust. I personally think you can never be too safe. And still, I wish everyone participating good luck and good times! =) To each their own, which is why I posted my opinion here like the rest of you folks.

    3. Grow up! We all need a laugh once in a while.

      Me & Adam are definitely going to try and make it

  11. I think the fact that people are ARGUING about this (disagreeing, whatever you want to call it) confirms my thought that this has a good chance of not ending well. I know it’s all in fun, and I’m all for fun but with all the wack jobs in Seattle (yes I know they’re everywhere) I am worried someone may end up getting offended/assaulted in one way or another. With that said, I wish all participants luck and good times!

    1. People argue every year about nude cyclists in the Fremont parade. Everything goes fine, every year. Nobody deserves not to be offended. Nobody deserves to be assaulted – and there’s no reason to believe at leat the latter. As to the former – personaly I couldn’t care less.

      1. Yes! I personally won’t be on the train, but it seems an odd event to me whatever way one looks at it. I thought we Seattleites were meant to be reserved? Not that I have ever really found it to be so?

  12. Boxers OK Briefs not acceptable…Tongs no way, anything that would show parts of the body in a public place should not be allowed. I can very easily STAY OFF Link on Saunday or anyother day they choose to do this I do however ride it almost every work day of the week and to sit on a seat where someone would not have been fully covered is just gross!

      1. Mercy, people. Forty years after the “Summer of Love” we’re still fussin’ about UNDERWEAR as childern continue to have children? Too much prudery and repressed sexuality on display here for what is supposed to be a “healthier” corner of the world.

  13. I guess I’m okay with a falsely spontaneous FB planned event, just as long as everyone has their proof of fare with them AND anyone who does not get dinged the full fine. It could be a huge moneymaker for ST. All ST has to do is really stop the train and require proof of payment. But i’ll be there with my camera nonetheless!

  14. Wow, I am amazed at how many people on this site are against this idea. Not wearing pants is eccentric, but being a prude without a sense of humor is way worse.

  15. Wish we were still there. :( Hopefully this is still going on when we get back.

    Good luck to everyone! And to all you prudes choking on your Metamucil at the thought of people in shorts on the train, take a damn chill pill! *shakeshead*

    1. There’s nothing at all wrong with people in shorts on a train, or anywhere else for that matter. But, just because you will be in “shorts” doesn’t mean everyone else will. I can only think of how many things were done in the name of fun that have gone terribly wrong; torchlight parade last year? Just an example but keep in mind that was only a parade and people were not walking around in underwear. Who knows if some attention seeking individual decides to show up in tidy whiteys or even a thong? You definitely dont and neither do I. There is a time and a place for everything, so it cant be compared to people in bathing suits on a beach. THIS IS A TRAIN, not a beach. I raised all boys and they walk around the house in their boxers, I don’t need to tell you that sometimes the fruit pops out of the loom. It doesnt matter who knows about it, who’s participating, what event is set up for it; mark my words some jerk is going to get on there with all these people participating in the name of fun & ruin it for everyone. I wish the world was a nice happy joyful place where things like this could happen for everyone to get their jollies, but looking at how things have gone in the past, I cant see it ending good. Altho, I will be elated and full of joy if it does.

      1. Mass punishment is the easy way out and quite frankly retarded. Punish those that break the law*, but let those individuals doing something totally legal have their fun.

        *although I have to say I find public nudity laws rediculous to begin with. Like other Blue Laws I hope they go away as we continue our social progression.

  16. I will say this, I am glad it is advertisied. So I can know to avoid it. If this were a spur of the moment event on a bus I was on I would not be happy.

    Here is a thought. If I were on a bus and several people dropped there pants for a prank. Then I stood up and strated preaching about Jesus. Who would be more likely to go to jail. ME for preaching or the pranksters. Me most likely.

  17. Matthew,

    Who would be more likely to go to jail

    I’ll tell you right now: the pants dropper. What you describe are incidents that have actually HAPPENED on buses. Preach about Jesus and you darn well will NOT ‘go to jail’ – more likely if the driver even says “boo” to you, you’ll get an earful from the other passengers about free speech. Drop your pants, and you’ll have security on you lickety split. There have been a number of sexual assaults, indecent exposures and outright sickos masurbating in full view of passengers, and there’s no question about that being an issue on board a bus.

    I know of no case – ever – where anyone has been pulled off a bus much less cited or arrested for preaching, and it happens with a fair amount of frequency.

    1. I’ve never seen it. I wish I would. I have seen preaching at transit centers though. In fact I helped a few times. I have seen times when two people were talking about Jesus, one person witnessing to another who wanted to hear, and the driver threatened to kick them off. I myself was told by a driver that I could not ride his bus because I was wearing a George W. Bush for president baseball cap in 2000. I have also been on buses where people have smoked pot, women exposed there breasts and people threatened passengers with violence. Drivers did nothing. I really think it depends on who is driving.

      1. Matthew,

        It does depend on who is driving – that doesn’t make the driver correct for acting (or not acting) on a disturbance. If what happened to you is accurate – I hope you complained and the driver got fired. Not because I’m a fan of Bush (I am most profoundly not) but because their actions were flagrantly and obviously inappropriate. Other stuff that goes on, it’s difficult for drivers to address as we receive little to no guidance about dealing with security issues onboard, and official language about our role is “hands off” (i.e. “you are the peacekeeper, not the enforcer”). Personally I’m ex military, male, 350 lbs and 43 years old and as a graduate of not only the University of Washington as an MSW candidate but the school of hard knocks – I don’t hesitate to strategically address issues on the bus as they arise.

        Anecdotally, the issue of preaching has come up on the #7 a time or two (I think there are a few regulars who come out mainly in the summer months) and while their behavior can border on creating a disturbance, it’s generally not actionable. On the other hand, there have been a number of cases of sexual assaults, public masturbating, etc. that leave the “pants off” example a bit less in the land of the ambiguous.

        On the “women exposing their breasts” thing – um, which bus was that? I have some free time coming up this weekend and of course I ride the bus for free. :)

      2. Well I did complain. And I do complain when drivers do something like that. I as a rule make sure I call when I am calm. But, according to a driver I am friendly with, most complaints do not matter. The union will protect them. Once I was riding the last 174 on a saturday schedule. I was at the first stop 15 minutes early. The bus was there. 10 minutes after the bus was scheduled to start the driver finialy pulled to the stop and let people in. When we got going we made itto the first 7-11 store. He stopped the bus and said he is going to get something to eat. 10 minutes later we got going again. We stopped not once but twice so the driver could stop and talk to hookers on Pac Highway. I was only going to Kent/Des Moines road so I did not see anything else he did. i called and filed a formal complaint on Monday. He was still driving a few years later.

        Also on a different subject. Can everyone please spell my name right. It is Mathew with one “T”. That is how it is spelt on my birth certificate. It is a family thing. Thanks

      3. Oh yead the flashing happened on the 174. It has been a few years. I think that one was a Tom Leykis fan as it was Friday.

      4. That is how it is spelt on my birth certificate

        According to Wikipedia, “Spelt” is a hexaploid species of wheat. Perhaps you meant spelled? Sorry, but attacking someone’s spelling leaves you wide open.

      5. Yes and since I try and use the english of the King James Bible it is understandable.

      6. Well, serves me right for attacking someone for attacking someone’s spelling! Remind me not to play you a game of Scrabble for money :-)

      7. I am horriable at scrabble. Now, if it’s Trivial Pursuit, watch out.

  18. Is this happening only from west lake to seatac or will it be the other way around as well? It not a no pants thing i have an issue with, its that that is during my commute to work and its a lot longer when the trains are over packed with people who wouldn’t ordinarily be riding then.

  19. I just happened to be on the link to the airport for a business trip shortly after noon. My first thought when I boarded was that there were an awful lot of people on board for a Sunday. Then the young women by the door tookk off her skirt and handed it to her male companion. I thought boy that’s weird! Must be some street theater. Then some guy to my left took her picture with a professional camera and I noticed he was in his boxers. It was then that I looked down the car and noticed there were several people in their underpants and I cracked up. It was so funny. They were acting so normal reading books, litening to thier I-pods. It was great! Thanks to all for a memorable trip to the airport!

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