Link riders wait at the Columbia City stop in their underpants. Photo credit: Katherine Long/Seattle Times.

The Seattle Times has coverage of yesterday’s No Pants! Light Rail Ride, including some fun videos.

“They’re going to take their pants off on the train?” he said.

Oh yes, they did. They all did.

In the spirit of the Fremont Zombie Walk, and inspired by no-pants subway rides in New York City and 43 other cities around the globe, Seattle’s Link light-rail line was initiated Sunday with its first-ever No Pants! Light Rail Ride, organized by Emerald City Improv.

Hundreds of participants paid for the round-trip fare, then shed their pants on the platform and rode the line to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport all afternoon wearing boxer briefs, swimming trunks and Speedo-style underwear.

And the P-I has a nice photo-journal and a fun video. This all begs the important question: Would anyone in their right mind take off their pants on a BRT line? I believe that is check, and mate.

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      1. That’s pretty mild. I suppose the image and video could be NSFW in some workplaces, but it isn’t anything I’d bother to tag.

  1. the self-rightous Eastern-Washingtonian comments on the Seattle Times article are a hoot!

  2. I think that they’re going to have to go way further and hire some Bikini Baristas to do lap dances while lathering each other up with cappuccino foam if they want to get ridership anywhere near what they promised…

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