"Community Transit 'Double-Tall' bus", by Oran

Thursday will be the first meeting of the new CT Board of Directors. Unlike Metro, which is directly run by the King County Council, Community Transit is overseen by a group of Snohomish County elected officials selected by the County Council for 2 year terms.

Press release with details after the jump.

Lynnwood City Councilmember Ted Hikel will return to the board after
serving as an alternate for the past two years. Hikel served as a
regular member from 2006 to 2008. Marysville City Councilmember Jon
Nehring and Stanwood Mayor Dianne White will be new to the board.

Members of the previous board who remain are Snohomish County Council
Chair Dave Gossett, Snohomish County Councilmember Mike Cooper, Mill
Creek Mayor Mike Todd, Mountlake Terrace Mayor Jerry Smith, Mukilteo
Mayor Joe Marine and Sultan City Councilmember Steve Slawson.

Board alternates also were selected. Snohomish City Councilmember Tom
Hamilton and Arlington City Councilmember Chris Raezer are new
alternates. Edmonds City Councilmember Steve Bernheim, Snohomish County
Councilmember Dave Somers and Monroe City Councilmember John Stima
remain as alternates.

The Community Transit board is selected every two years. The County
Council names its two members and an alternate, and at a special meeting
representatives of the member cities gather to select their board
members and alternates. The board is comprised of two representatives
from the Snohomish County Council; two representatives from large
cities, with more than 30,000 residents; three representatives from
medium-sized cities, with 10,000 to 30,000 residents; and two from small
cities, with fewer than 10,000 residents.

Nehring and Hikel represent the large cities and Todd, Smith and Marine
represent the medium cities. White and Slawson represent the small
cities. Bernheim is the large cities alternate; Raezer and Stima are
medium city alternates and Hamilton is the small cities alternate.

With CT in the throes of devastating cuts and with little hope of revenue help, it’s a tough time to be a board member.  In fact, this very first board meeting will field public comment about those cuts.

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  1. Why does CT have double decker and KC not? Seems like there are some routes where it would work well to have double decker buses.

  2. CT bought the double decker busses last year. metro chose to stick with the attriculated buss.

      1. Because they already had a large fleet of articulateds. The cost to retrofit the facilities to support double deck equipment would be high, Maintenace bays and lifts would have to be made larger, bus washes rebuilt, clearances on routes checked, a lot of back end work, when artics work well for the area.

  3. I have unsubscribed from the STB.

    It used to be interesting, it no longer is.

    This would be acceptable if posting volume had dropped off, but it has not. Instead, STB now clutters up my RSS reader with pointless trivia.

    1. Since I live in Snohomish County I would not consider this notice about CT to be “pointless trivia.”

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