The joint East Link workshop begins at 1:30 pm. Readers can watch a live stream online.

Last night we sent the attendees of the workshop, the Bellevue City Council and the Sound Transit Board, a letter expressing what we think would be the best alignments going forward. The same study that inspired our letter will be the topic of the joint workshop.

Update 4 pm: Publicola has coverage of the workshop. No massive news has come out of the talk.

8 Replies to “Stream the East Link Workshop”

  1. I hate it when they stream, and their servers can’t handle the handful of people trying to tune in. Somebody needs to call Bellevue, and tell them we would rather HEAR the meeting via lower-bandwidth audio signal than see/hear 5 seconds of speaking – then experience 10 seconds of dead air and a frozen screen.

    Uh, isn’t MS next door? Maybe Bellevue can get some tech help from somebody who knows what they are doing?

  2. Worked fine for me on Chrome. I was actually surprised. I was able to watch the last 45 min. of the workshop.

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