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For those of you who will be available this evening, this is a friendly reminder that Sound Transit is having their second Downtown Bellevue open house tonight from 4pm to 7pm (the presentation will begin at 5pm).  The open house is expected to be considerably similar to the one held last November, when the original DEIS alternatives were being discussed.  Today’s meeting will take public input on the four newer alternatives recently studied in a joint analysis (PDF) by ST and Bellevue, two of which look hot, the other two not so much.  It will be held on the first-floor concourse of the Bellevue City Hall on the corner of NE 4th St and 112th Ave NE.

Expect the main battlefront to be situated around those for Wallace’s C14E alignment, and those against.  There will also likely still be straggling B7 supporters, who are now finally facing mounting opposition from neighborhood residents in Mercer Slough and Enatai.  We’ve editorialized multiple times against numerous disadvantages that the freeway alternative has across a number of levels.  Below are links to our “recent” East Link coverage:

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  1. I might have missed it but the above doesn’t give a location for the Open House.

    1. I would expect no official session for public comment, but in past open houses, they have taken comments from two or three individuals during the presentation.

  2. I can’t remember if this was discussed, but if the I-90 Center Roadway was converted to rails, would it be designed so buses can still use it (like with Phoenix’s LRT design)?

  3. The Surrey Downs folks were there handing out lollipops with a little flier for “B7 & C14E”. I spoke with Betsy briefly and came away convinced that they are simply trying to talk East link to death. Their support for B7 & C14E feels disingenuous as in: Worst case, it gets built but at least it’s not in our back yard – Best case, the fight over all the different options just kills the whole thing.

    I honestly tried to keep an open mind towards the “Vision” line. However, I hate it even more than I did before the open house. It’s a *really* horrible option. Walkability sucks, access to the other side of 405 is abysmal (they even showed a future overpass to be built at NE 6th), and from the platform to BTC level there will be 3 grade changes involving either an elevator, escalator, or stairs. The only good news about C14E would be for people in East Bellevue and Redmond who have no interest in going to downtown Bellevue.

    I couldn’t help but think that there was a hidden double meaning to the lollipops: Pick B7 and C14E and you’re a sucker. Just a thought…

  4. Nothing is going to kill East Link. Surrey Downs residents know this. They aren’t trying to talk anything to death. They are simply a neighborhood that is concerned with a light rail line running next their neighborhood, and for many residents, the further away the line is to their neighborhood, the better. It’s as simple as that.

    1. The funny thing is if the property owners in Surrey Downs really want to see their property values increase, they’d be fighting for an alignment with a station at SE 6th & 112th as well as C11A with its station at Main and 110th. Having stations at both of those locations would put much of Surrey Downs inside the 1/4 mile walking circle.

    2. If I was one the South Bellevue residents, I’d want the light-rail as close to me as possible. Just imagine having a subway line no more than a mile away allowing you to B-line to Seattle. I don’t understand the opposition… they have such an opportunity.

  5. Surprised at the quiet audience during Q&A. ST and Bellevue are presenting so much info at this stage, ‘wait and see’ seems the typical reaction. Perhaps it will hit the fan when alternatives are narrowed.

  6. the main entrance is off 110th Avenue NE; the reference to 112th Avenue NE is misleading to pedestrians, especially those coming from the BTC.

  7. I’d like it to go underground… the surface option doesn’t benefit the future. That downtown core is going to get busier and busier; having a train run every 5 minutes through intersections and the BTC intercepting traffic sounds like chaos.

  8. Bellevue options currently in favor are Vision Line and Surface. A recent artist rendering of Surface line made it look feasible at the turn near the transit center. If the line could come into town mostly off the main streets between there and the park-n-ride, that might be possible. The Vision Line, I believe is possible. I’m not a fan of a moving walkway. How amazing that would be though, don’t you think? Consider a little circulator trolley, Back n forth starter line. Oh, and move Vision Station back from the freeway at least 50′.

    There’s no doubt light rail I-90 is ideal. South to Federal Way station design is unfinished and not very transparent. Well Well. Sounds like nother bore that’s having trouble right now. Light rail on 520 can work. How will it connect to the line through Bellevue? Mike is great.

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