The Community Transit Board is holding a workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 24th, to discuss the proposed local fare increase and sweeping 15% service cuts, in advance of a decision March 4th.

The Community Transit Board of Directors will have a workshop from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, in the agency’s Board Room, 7100 Hardeson Road, Everett (accessible by Everett Transit Route 8).

7 Replies to “CT Contemplates Hardship”

  1. How much can they get done in an hour and a half?
    After the usual late start, then welcomes, intros and thanks to everyone who showed up, and then a couple of staff breifings of ‘who, what, where, why’ we got here, and opening remarks and touchy-feely comments by going around the table to hear each board member, …
    what, maybe 30 minutes left for actual debate on “which transit riders get screwed the most?”
    Sounds a lot like the Bellevue workshop on alignments the other day. After all the BS stuff, only 20 minutes were left for real debate, which never really occurred. Just a promise to let the two CEO’s come up with some priorities and options for the next meeting.

    1. In general, people come into these meetings with their minds made up about what they’ll support – these boardmembers all know each other, nothing new is really being presented at these meetings.

  2. I bet those in the city of everett are glad they dident merge with CT…. as they still have sunday service!

    1. Gotta agree with Z! I’m pretty happy that those of us in Everett are keeping our Sunday and holiday service. Hope CT can get theirs back soon though.

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