We all know transit funding is a mess – both Pierce and Community Transit are looking at huge cuts in service – their only option now to ask voters for regressive sales tax increases.

Transportation Choices Coalition is stepping up to help, with bake sales for both agencies next week to raise awareness of the issues. The legislature could still pass transit funding as an amendment on an existing bill, and TCC aims to let riders know what they could be losing, and how they can get involved.

The two bake sales are Monday, March 1st, from 7—9am at the Aurora Village Transit Center, and on Tuesday March 2nd from 7–9am in downtown Tacoma (9th and Commerce). We encourage you to go buy a cookie!

9 Replies to “Bake Sales For Transit”

  1. With a little bit of planning, or if the sales were a bit earlier, you could by a cookie to support PT or CT, and then give the cookie to your driver for bus driver appreciation week. Or buy two, one for yourself!

    1. Given the concern for accepting cookies from strangers, maybe they should sell scrip good for a cookie that you can give to your operator.

      1. That would work although I still find accepting gifts a bit creepy. A simple thanks is good enough – an occasional commendation would also be a good “thank you” – after all, that’s goes into our file :)

        (One driver I know received a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin as a gift from a passenger. I thought it was an odd gift for a bus driver but he really liked it. For the record, I’m more of a Potato Vodka kind of guy. Off duty, of course :)

  2. I was standing on the Kent Station Platform this morning and high speed Acela Cascade came zooming by. Very cool…but I looked in the windows. Empty! A ghost ship! V. sad…

    1. Acela Cascade?? You mean Amtrak Cascades.

      Considering that seattle is the origin or termination point of most trains, its no surprise that it was largly empty. Olympia/Tacoma tend to be popular stops and tend to add to or draw off many passengers as the train makes its trip.

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