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Metro is proposing a change to Route 903 that both shortens the route and provides new service to the Federal Way City Hall and Federal Way Community Center.

New Route 910 (map at right) would connect the Auburn Supermall and a bunch of other stuff  to the Sounder Station.  Service would be hourly during business hours only.

The new route would also suggest a revision of Route 919 to eliminate overlaps, basically eliminating a large dial-a-ride service area in exchange for regular service on the 910 (current service map here).

The latter two changes are part of continuing Transit Now service improvements, part of a service partnership agreement with the City of Auburn.  You’ve already missed the open house (thanks for the heads-up, Metro!) but you can fill out a survey (on the 903 or the 910 and 919) or email comments on any of the three changes to until Friday, March 5th.

17 Replies to “Proposed Changes to Routes 903, 910, 919”

  1. Why are Federal Way and Auburn getting round the clock express service and not Kent?

    Unless I get the Sounder which only runs 6 times a day (6 in/6 out) then I’m stuck on the 150 which takes an hour!

    Kent Station needs SoundTransit express bus service all day/evening/night long same as the others.

      1. Depends on where you live. I used to live halfway between them and went to Federal Way instead (because neither Kent nor Auburn have a UW express).

      2. Honestly, it seems like the simple course of action would be to move to where there is transit. :)

    1. John, Sounder runs 9 in/out trips a day, not 6, and there are at least four more round trips coming.

      The 150 appears to take 45 minutes to Sounder’s 25. That’s not that bad.

      1. Sounder Schedule:

        There are 6 trains northbound from Kent in the morning.
        There are 6 trains southbound to Kent in the evening.

        Bus 150: The bus typically takes closer to an hour. It also makes an infuriating number of stops all the way through Southcenter. The Sounder makes one stop — Tukwila. The Sounder has big comfy seats. The 150 is crowded and gets slowed down in traffic at multiple points.

      2. If the bus takes closer to an hour, why does onebusaway not show that the bus is consistently 15 minutes late at its Seattle stops? I’m not seeing what you’re claiming borne out in the evidence.

        That Sounder schedule shows me 9 trains – in addition to your miscount, there are also 2 trains southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening. As you aren’t using Sounder, it seems to me like you’re talking about non-commute times, which means those count. 9 trains.

        How about you tell us exactly what trip you’re trying to take?

      3. Well y’know they’re planning to expand Sounder, right? I think “more trips” comes after “get to Lakewood” and “fix the King Street track layout” in the plans, doesn’t it? (Or am I imagining things?)

    2. The headway on Sounder is 25 minutes or more. The headway on the 150 is 15 minutes nearly all day. So, it isn’t even that great of a difference.

      The last northbound morning Sounder leaves Puyallup at 8:12. The first 578 leaves Puyallup at 8:34.

  2. The new 919 kinda sucks if you live in North Auburn but isn’t bad for South Auburnites. The deletion of the DART area south of 15th NE is fine–there isn’t much there, and there are good walkable paths in the area anyways.

    I suppose the rerouting of the 903 is OK, but I do like the 320th/1st routing because I’ll be using that tomorrow, and while it’s nice to have combined headways with the 182, I suppose a connection to the community center is more useful. It will skip over some professional stuff (dentists, doctors, orthodontists, optometrists, etc) on 320th, which is one of the reason why I’ll be using the 903 tomorrow.

  3. Personally i’d like to see an extension down to Sumner, via the N. Sumner industrial area. This could be accomplished with the 910 or the pacific DART route. Also I’d like to see the 912/915 extended the 5 minutes south into Buckley to re-establish the connection there (or provide the only service as the case may be). Funding could be a joint thing similar to how the 497 is.

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