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The Community Transit Board yesterday voted unanimously to give final approval to a previously discussed 25 cent local fare increase, effective June 1st, and sweeping 15% service cuts effective June 13th.  There are some details of these cuts yet to be determined, but the Community Transit Blog gives a pretty good summary.

Although we talk about many good things that transit ridership can accomplish, the first duty of these agencies is to provide at least some mobility to those who have no alternative, especially if they make an effort to live somewhere with decent service.  Although Community Transit is not alone in failing to provide basic service on Sunday, it’s a sad day for the region when a large county like Snohomish (aside from Everett) has to take this kind of step.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope for those most impacted by this decision:

The board did approve a $50,000 fund that could be used by community organizations to fill the gaps of missing Sunday service for those with the greatest need. Details of how that plan will work are being developed.

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      1. The pre I-695 MVET provided a lot of $$$$ to transit, ferries and asphalt.

        But we wouldn’t want to pay property tax in a no-income-tax state, now would we?

  1. Given that the Lias amendment just passed, and the underlying bill, ESSB 6774 as amended, just passed, this may prove premature.

    Yes, the Senate still needs to concur in the amendment, so call your senators!

  2. I wonder how much money they would save (and staff too) by directly operating ST Express service and their commute service.

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