There’s some weirdness in the timestamp of this update, but Oran reports that he overheard on Metro’s radio that WSDOT is done and trains are running to Westlake again. Train headways are still at 15 minutes, reasonable given the original decision but highly questionable in the first place.

5 Replies to “Trains Running in the Tunnel Again”

  1. Hats off to WSDOT and contractor that finished the job ahead of schedule and to Sound Transit which restored service to the tunnel as soon as possible.

  2. What scanner freq’s do you use for listening to Metro? Do you need a trunking scanner or is a standard old school one fine? My non-trunked scanner picks up on some of the coach traffic but not nearly all of it (I know some is divided by even/odd numbered coaches, etc.) but I can rarely get a good read on it.

  3. To be honest, I don’t know but there is a commenter here who does know and should respond to your question real soon.

    By chance, I was riding the bus for a short trip and overheard the broadcast.

  4. At around 4 I hopped on a bus going south and asked the bus driver if he stops at the Sodo station, and he told me they had started running trains again a few hours ago. When the train came it a two car set and was packed full – standing room only, with a good 8 people standing in my car. They didn’t seem to mind and it was sort of fun to be on a crowded Link train – a bit of a taste of the (likely long distant) future.

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