Marko Liias’ HB 2855 is back in the special session! It’s been modified, though, so it would offer King, Pierce or Snohomish the opportunity for up to a $50 vehicle license fee with a public vote. Martin’s noted in the past that $40 would be enough to patch up Metro’s budget hole, and it’s certainly a good start for Pierce or Community Transit.

This bill will likely be on the floor today, and this is probably your last chance to take action during the session. If you want Sunday service back in Snohomish County, there are two things you can do (as usual) – call your own legislator, especially your representative, and call Speaker Chopp’s office to ask for a vote. (Bryan’s pointed out the District Finder)

Remember, every time your legislator hears that you care about this, even if they’ve already heard once or twice before, they’re reminded that people care about transit. We’re going to remind them of that all year!

7 Replies to “Transportation Benefit Districts are Back From The Dead!”

  1. It was nice to see that both of my representatives are sponsors. Though I still contacted them to say thanks and stress the importance of it now, even with the economy and special session.

  2. My reps are sponsors, too. Does anyone know if checking the “send a copy of this message to your other legislators” field generates a cc or a bcc?

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