On the heels of newly announced special Sounder service to soccer and baseball games, Metro announced this year’s schedule of special buses from (and in some cases, to) Sounders and Mariners games:

  • to and from all weekend Sounder games from Northgate, South Kirkland, and Eastgate.
  • to and from all weekend Mariner games from Northgate, South Kirkland, South Bellevue, and Eastgate.
  • From all weeknight Mariner games to the same four locations.

In all cases the trip will cost $5 each way, a rise from $3 a couple of years ago.  This fare is cash only and will be waived only for children under 2.

Unlike the Sounder service, whatever costs are not recovered by fares will be covered by the teams, which might explain their draconian structure.  It would appear that Link and Sounder are now covering the old downtown postgame shuttle and trips to points South

In any case remember that we have Senator Patty Murray to thank for lifting the ridiculous Bush-era provision that banned this kind of arrangement.

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    1. Not sure, but I do know they have an incredible number of buses after every game. I’ve already ridden one of them, the Downtown express, which was free with my ticket. I’m not sure if they’re all like that. It’s pretty awesome to see all the buses there on gameday, makes it look like Montlake Blvd. is a bus base.

  1. I might add, this shuttle service MAKES MONEY for Metro, as opposed to their normal service, because of the subsidies from the teams.

    In a year when budgets are being slashed, it’s nice to see this horrible policy reverted.

  2. Wait, will regular buses also be in service? Can’t you just park in Northgate and take the 41 to the ID Tunnel station for 2.00? I guess I don’t understand the draw.

    1. The other buses will pick you up at the station, and will not have to go through the tunnel, but yeah I guess you could.

    2. I imagine the convenience plus the draw of being in a bus full of fellow fans would make it worthwhile for some people.

    3. The benefit will be in being able to find a bus that can get you back to Northgate after the game.

  3. Horray, dedicated transit service to events is back from the dead!

    Though, the cash-only deal kinda sucks. ORCA should be smart enough to figure it all out…

  4. We have Senator Murray to thank for so much for our area – she is an icon for Washington State and should have a train or a bridge named after her at least.

  5. In all cases the trip will cost $5 each way, a rise from $3 a couple of years ago. This fare is cash only and will be waived only for children under 2.

    As these shuttles will be driven by Metro drivers and the “no fare disputes” policy is as always in effect – the ride is really free.

    Just tell your driver to hit the “3” key.

    1. Thanks Jeff, the public should really stiff tax payers for game day service?

      From the M’s website:

      Day of game parking for cars, when available, is $20-$40.

      After paying $10-50 dollars for a ticket to an entertainment event it should be a public responsibility to transport people back to free parking?

      1. Yeah seriously. I give the Sounders thousands for my support, and I get the chance to pay $9 for a beer, $30 for parking and $10 for a slice of pizza.

  6. Go Mariners and Sounders! I can’t wait to take Link to the games again this year. What a great way to get to and from a game. And, of course, I take the 139, 140, and then Link. I don’t even touch the car!!!

  7. What is the justification for not allowing ORCA?

    Is Metro too lazy to crunch the numbers afterwards? Is our ORCA system incapable of being programmed for a special fare? Are they hoping passholders will only ride regular Metro buses, leaving seats open for cash-paying customers?

    It seems to me like yet another example of making our system difficult to use.

    1. IIRC, the special routes never allowed the use of passes. So, if you had an e-purse, it would be nice to be able to use ORCA but if you had a pass, you’d still have to pay the cash fare.

  8. Don’t the weekday games start at 6:30? why cant they provide transit service to those? I’m sure at least some buses are done for the day by 6:30.

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