14 Replies to “We’re Accepting Advertisers”

  1. It’s not such a bad thing. Bloggers such as yourselves do us regular citizens a pretty wonderful service, and you deserve to be reimbursed for your hard work. Also, hyper-local advertising allows smaller, local companies to get their products/services out without getting out-priced by mega-companies.

    Ps. Thanks for not using google ads. They blow.

    1. Good point, is the STB staff going to be reimbursed for their time and effort?

      1. If anything, Ben will be reimbursed for hosting costs, but for the most part, bloggers are unpaid. Advertising revenue may go to better use with something like NW Transit PAC. :)

  2. As long as those annoying Flash ads don’t come through – There is NO way I’m turning Flashblock off. (Although maybe I’ll click on a few just to give you some revenue…)

  3. Here’s my idea to help you with this advertising thing. On the 1st of each month post a summary for the previous month of the top 10 most popular posts in terms of hits and comments. Not only will you be promoting yourself as a site that gets web traffic, but you’ll also be promoting your previous work and highlighting the best of it (like one of those cheesy sitcom “flashback” shows from 80s where there was hardly any fresh material)… but in a good way.

  4. Local stuff is actually useful to me, as opposed to all the flashy “lose weight” and such ads. I actually like and even look at local adds. I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Good luck on the ads. You deserve it and I’ll be keeping my eye out for interesting ones to click on.

    Though on a random nitpicky note, I would call this just a local site, not a hyperlocal one. You not only cover the whole city but a large portion of the surrounding area. I tend to think of hyperlocal as referring to neighborhoods and such.

    1. didn’t want to be the nitpicker to bring it up… but yes I agree! STB is not hyperlocal.

      And for those of you concerned about annoying ads… it looks like they’re using Instiads by Neighborlogs, a local company that caters to local and small business advertisers… so no “shoot the duck to win a free Zune” ads!

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