We are passing this American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announcement along to our young readers. Looks like an amazing opportunity.

This June, APTA will host its second youth summit—Generation Green on Board: A Youth Summit To Advance Public Transportation—and APTA needs your help attracting student  applicants.

Students from across the country who will be high school juniors and seniors in the 2011 -2012 school year will come together June 26-30 in Washington, DC to learn how public transportation helps build vibrant communities and improves the environment. The summit will also expose participants to transit career opportunities.

The all-expenses-paid opportunity includes these highlights:

• Experience five days in the Nation’s Capital
• Learn about the benefits of public transportation and how transit is helping shape a brighter future
• Meet lawmakers and congressional leaders
• Participate in hands-on local transit tours
• Discover the wide range of exciting career paths within the transit industry

APTA member organizations are asked to work with local schools and encourage students in their communities to apply for this unique experience.

A program overview and application are available at http://apta.com/youthsummit or you may contact Cheryl Pyatt at cpyatt@apta.com with questions.


7 Replies to “APTA Youth Summit”

  1. Public Transportation Association, Youth Summit To Advance Public Transportation? Sounds like a breeding ground for BAD BAD SOCIALISM, an American FDJ.

    But seriously, the program for the 50 high schoolers seems a bit vague and thin. Is APTA counting on them to be multipliers / community leaders in some sense?

  2. It would be even better if Amalgamated Transit and the other transit unions sponsored something similar- or partnered with APTA to let young people get a complete understanding of how transit works.

    Or more to the point, the importance of skilled, trained, and well-paid operating people in making it work.

    Mark Dublin

  3. I think this is a great idea.

    As a kid, I loved transit. Despite this, in high school, I had no idea that I could work in the transit industry. Didn’t cross my mind. A program like this can help identify young talent and get them motivated about transit.

    Given the likely wave of retirements in transit in the next 10 years, fresh blood is definately needed.

  4. Great Program and opportunity.
    One of Metro’s lead service planners, about 20 something years ago, had memorized every metro route. That was as a high-schooler. He even got written up in one of the local papers as being a ‘transit junkie’ back then.
    So yes, there out there. I hope guys like Ted can get the chance to go, instead of some politicians kid out for a freebie in DC.

  5. I’m one of those young transit junkies, and I know quite a few people who would be interested. Thanks for letting me know about this opportunity.

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