It’s service change season, and for Pierce Transit it’s time to implement a 20% cut.  Unlike most such cuts, most riders will see an improvement, because PT had already reduced service by 20% due to the natural gas fueling station fire in February, a reduction that is no longer necessary. This service reduction will be based on achieving system objectives rather than the logistics of emergency fueling, resulting in a better situation for most riders.

There are more PT cuts coming in October. I don’t really know anything about the PT system, so I’ll hand it off to Chris Karnes at Tacoma Tomorrow to critique it.

On a happier note, thanks to Bellingham voters Sunday service is back in the city limits. Alert reader Elliott Smith sent us the flyer above.

4 Replies to “June Service Changes in Pierce, Whatcom”

  1. So, why does the City of Tacoma not consider a ballot proposal to subsidize PT service within the city limits?

    1. I have a suspision that will be a moot point by the time the next suitable election rolls around. I’m sure some of the areas who dident support transit will be quick to exit the PTBA to save themselves the sales tax revenue. The only problem with the city of tacoma taxing themselves to provide additional service in city limits is what do you do with the buses when they get to the city limits? Have short turns? You could do some fancy math and figure out who pays what % of a route but in a large metropolitan area such as the tacoma/lakewood area it would be a mess to figure out and manage, especally when many trips (route and passenger) continue outside the city limits.

    1. Either something is wrong with my web browser, or this is their first post since December

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