As if you didn’t need reminding already, today is the last hearing on King County Metro cuts and the possible $20 CRC (congestion reduction charge) to put them off for two years.  If you can, we’d strongly recommend you show up to at least counter the misinformed anti-tax crowd that might show up, if anything.

Thursday, July 21st at 6PM
Burien City Council Chambers
400 S.W. 152nd Street
Burien, WA 98166

This hearing is primarily for South King residents. PubliCola reports that seven of nine Councilmembers will attend, including key swing vote Jane Hague.  Video and recap from the Seattle hearing.

4 Replies to “Last CRC Hearing TODAY”

  1. It looks like they’ve scheduled an additional downtown hearing:

    Support for the Congestion Reduction Charge has been overwhelming. Public attendance at a July 12th public hearing in Downtown Seattle was truly remarkable and diverse, representing all races, income levels, areas of the county, and walks of life, including students, businesses, environmentalists, commuters, retirees, and disabled individuals. Security staff estimated that up to 1,000 people stood in line to enter the building to attend the meeting, and approximately 700 citizens were able to enter the building to attend. Four hundred ninety-one people eventually signed-in for the meeting; of those, 87% indicated support for preserving transit service through Council enactment of the CRC. In addition, I have received over 2,900 citizen emails on this topic; 97% wrote in favor of enacting the CRC.

    There are two remaining opportunities to attend a Council public hearing on this issue:

    – Thursday, July 21st, 6 pm, Burien City Council chambers (400 S.W. 152nd Street, Burien)
    – Monday, July 25th, 3 pm*, King County Council chambers (516 3rd Avenue, 10th Floor, Seattle).

    *Sign up starts at 1 pm in the park immediately south of the King County Courthouse. Those who wish to testify will be given a numbered card which will indicate order of speaking and estimated time they will be called on to speak.

    1. The Monday meeting is the day of the actual council vote and a public hearing is required.

      Turnout is critical for Burien tonight. A person showing up in Burien equals three in Seattle. We have to make sure this isn’t just viewed by Republicans as a Seattle issue. Folks all over King County depend on our buses. Speaking of which, there is good service (for now) to the Burien Transit Center, a block away from Burien City Hall.

  2. FWIW, #120 from 3rd/Pike to Burien TC: 49 minutes

    Link from Westlake to TIB + #140 to Burien TC: 34 min + 10 min transfer + 10 min = 54 min
    (But probably closer to 48 min because the schedule timepoint is Southcenter)

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