Don’t forget the stamp; if using a mail box, make sure you do it before the last pickup time of the day. Or drop them off for free at any of these fine locations before 8 pm.

STB’s endorsements are here.

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  1. For USPS drop boxes:
    There’s a box outside 2420 4th Ave S, Seattle that picks up at 18:30.

    After that, you’ll have to head to 8120 Hardeson Rd in Everett for its 20:00 pickup, or to 4001 Pine St in Tacoma for its 20:30 pickup.

    If you miss the 20:30 pickup in Tacoma, you’re basically SOL because the only other later pickups are at 21:00 in Spokane, Pasco, and Portland.

  2. Make sure you vote FOR proposition one in Seattle if you haven’t already!

    On a serious note, it is sad to see our transit community so divided on this issue because on the basis of the work I have done phone banking and sign waving (like today) my fellow phone bankers and sign wavers are just as committed to mass transit as those who support rejecting prop one. This guy I was with today checks regularly on the First Hill Streetcar progress or lack of it. They are just as jubilant as I am and the rest of you are on how Metro was saved in a last minute deal. They watch the Daily Show and they would probably never vote for a Republican if you paid them to. I felt just as much at home with Let’s Move Forward as I would do sign waving for Light Rail expansion.

    Danny Westneat had a great piece on the tunnel at the weekend because he contrasted all of the hype and non-hype and fearmongering of today from opponents of the tunnel with the get-up-and go attitude of 1903 when the downtown rail tunnel was literally hand or axe picked out by 380 workers who dug the thing in the same time it takes us today to discuss, recommend for a vote and then have one. Sure, technology was comparatively poor in 1903 and civic awareness less than apparent, but still, the goal and the reaching of it are both equally instructive. Good news, is that the tunnel is still with us today and still in use as a train corridor.

      1. Ah, you are correct. I didn’t pay close attention since it’s not something I get to vote on. In fact, this was probably the most useless ballot I’ve ever filled out. Almost didn’t even bother to send it in.

  3. The very early results are on King County Elections website.

    If the early numbers hold: a deep-bore tunnel is in Seattle’s future, Sally Clark wins Seattle City Council Position 9, and Michael Taylor-Judd pulls fourth place for Position 1.

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