Joni Earl at February 2009 Meetup (Oran)

UPDATE 11/9: The event location has been set. The meetup will take place in the Columbia Tower on the 40th floor.

In a effort to mix up our meetups and strengthen the participation of women in STB I’m happy to announce that Joni Earl, CEO of Sound Transit, will be joining us at our next meetup on November 17th – starting at 6pm downtown.  Seattle, and Washington in general, has lots of women in leadership roles or elected office and I though it would great to highlight a woman that we all would love to talk with. We’ll start off the event with a focus on women in the world of transportation and then open it up to the characteristically detailed and informative discussion STB is known for. We hope to see all the regulars and some new women faces in the crowd.

Please RSVP in the comment section.

Note: Location to be announced, but it will be somewhere in downtown Seattle. The venue we had lined up experienced water damage and is no longer available.

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  1. Here’s a thought: Have the meetup on the 42! It’s spacious and quiet, with no lurkers listening in. If there is one, she is not that conversant in English. And there’s no guesswork about which of the buses doing the 42 to catch.

      1. Or persistent lobbying with a banner on the side of a building … that goes to the King County voice mail system.

  2. Since we are having a distinguished visitor, please choose something that is accessible to all ages and not a noisy bar. Thanks. I’ll plan to be there.

    1. Yes we’re working on getting an office space, thus the difficulty. It’s much easier getting a bar or restaurant space and why we usually do that.

  3. Adam, thanks for setting up an opportunity to talk with Joni Earl. You might also try to include her deputy, Celia Kupersmith. But I think it would also be good to include some of the women involved in operations on both LINK and the related bus services.

    You might want to contact ATU Local 587 Recording Secretary Judy Young, email:, Phone 206-448-8588. I’d like to see some of the women who are driving and supervising operations invited to the meet-up.

    Mark Dublin

  4. Question for future Meet-Up: how much did it cost for that great musical night on LINK? Idea might be sort of a “Meet-in-Motion”- espresso and food stops starting in South Lake Union, downtown via SLU streetcar, LINK to Sea-Tac via Beacon Hill, Columbia City, Othello, and Sea-Tac.

    Anyhow, thanks for finding all-ages venue. Today’s Seattle Times had a front-page article describing age-based income distribution that could result in whole older generations deservedly being left on the ice for the polar bears- if any ice or bears are left.

    So let’s generate as much goodwill as possible before everybody reads that article.

    Mark Dublin

  5. I’ll be there next Thursday. The water-damaged location would have been more convenient, though. :)

  6. Women in transportation is a favorite topic of mine. There are so many women leading the world in transportation and my boss is your guest speaker; no way I would miss this meet.

  7. Adam, is STB still interested in having WTS participating? I haven’t heard much talk about this lately. Send me an email if you are.

  8. Of course I’ll be there too. Woot, can’t wait now that Paula Hammond is confirmed as well.

    1. If the #30 + one of the #70s from the U-District are running on time, I’ll get there right about the start time. Transit nerd-out!

  9. Planning on it. It is always refreshing to see women involved in transportation, especially at the level Joni and Paula are. There are far more times than I can count when I’ve been in one of a handful of ladies in a transportation meeting or event.

  10. Looks like I will be there. Just need to know when it will be over so I can tell dad what time the 594 will bring me back to Lakewood (darn you 6:35 last 592)

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