Washington's Capitol via elden
Washington's Capitol via elden

Transportation Advocacy Day is fast approaching and TCC is trying to get as many people to turn out in Olympia to speak with their legislators. I would especially encourage those that are outside Seattle to make the extra effort to turn out, as your legislators are likely more of a swing vote on the issues we care about than Seattle legislators. Info below the jump.

Connect with other advocates and be a citizen lobbyist. You as citizen lobbyist are the most powerful tool we have to be successful in pushing forward good policies in Olympia and we need your support.  We are shooting to have the largest transportation advocacy day ever. This will be an all day event, register today.

Our morning will be a great time to get trained and informed on what is going on with transportation in Olympia this year.  It is also a great time to connect with like minded advocates from across the state.  The afternoon will be dedicated to meeting with your legislators.

The morning event and meeting place will be at United Churches in Olympia. If you would like to carpool please indicate so on the registration below.  If you would like to take the Amtrak down from Seattle there will be shuttles set up from the Olympia Amtrak station to downtown.

When: January 31st, 2012 from 8am to 4pm

Where: The United Churches of Olympia, 110 11th Ave, Olympia WA

For more information and to RSVP go here.

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  1. Not sure of my schedule, but would like to attend for at least part of the day. Pretty sure I can use ST Express to Tacoma and IT to Olympia, as in past. But has STB got anything organized, either for travel or meeting with representatives?

    Mark Dublin

    1. Nope. Sorry Mark. I remember when I went a few years ago carpools were organized.

      1. Carpools are organized, contact me if anyone wants more info, also we encourage people to take the the 590s to the 603 as well!

  2. Just a reminder that intercity transit does not accept the ORCA card anymore, even for the Olympia express Service, effective 1/1//12.

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