Sound Transit is conducting a survey to help them improve their website. They say it takes only three minutes (it’s very short). So take it if you think the website can be improved.

I like the new website but there’s one feature about it that can be improved: the content of the image gallery on the home page. Consisting entirely of images of Sound Transit riders enjoying their trip and a caption, the image gallery is the most prominent feature on the home page, yet it provides zero information on current events and no links to additional information. This was evident during the snow days last month which severely impacted service. Compare the homepages for Community Transit, King County Metro, and Sound Transit on January 19 and you’ll see what I mean.

The screenshots speak for themselves. I’m not against promotional images but they’re less useful without links. You got the user interested with the image. Now make it easy for them to learn more by adding a link. Don’t make them look around the page more than they have to. If they want to use it as a promotional space, why not add the pretty photos from the RIDE newsletter and link to stories from real riders? Why not promote events accessible by transit? I’d love to see, for example, an image of happy Sounder FC fans using ST to get to the game, with a link to game day travel options.

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  1. For starters, anybody asking me for help had best be very damned careful about giving me nasty red admonitions about what I’m “required” to do. Ten seconds after clicking the link, my duty as the citizen of a democracy “requires” me to get to work seeing to it that the attitude behind that ugly little asterisk is “required” to exit an agency I’ve supported since its inception.

    Mark Dublin

  2. On ST’s main page, in the upper right corner, 1/4 of the page is taken up by an ad promoting using ST. Completely unnecessary and a waste of valuable page space. People are coming the website for information. They are already sold on the product. The ad is preaching to the choir. Lose the ad and put something useful there.

  3. I think the best placement for service alerts, is a red bar, below the header. It’ll catch eyes, and direct visitors to more information.

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