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The spring ST schedule book is on the street, or at least on the web. Changes take effect February 18th. Nothing earth-shaking this time around, but a bunch more trips to Snohomish County:

Route 510: Five afternoon trips added and schedule adjustments
Route 511: Two morning trips added and schedule adjustments
Route 513: Minor schedule adjustments to make better connections with Everett Transit
Route 522: Minor weekend schedule adjustments
Route 532: Schedule adjustments
Route 540: Minor schedule adjustments
Route 542: Minor schedule adjustments
Route 545: Stop change in downtown Seattle
Route 560: Significant schedule adjustments; more trips running between Burien and West Seattle
Route 566: Significant schedule adjustments

9 Replies to “Feb 2012 ST Schedules Available”

  1. Does metro have a comparison between old and new? I took a look at the 545 and couldn’t tell the stop difference, and at the 566 and couldn’t see any schedule differences.

    1. Comparing the new 545 map to the old one, it looks like the stop on 5th at Seneca is missing. The stop at Marion might have moved North to compensate, hard to tell.

  2. “Route 560: Significant schedule adjustments; more trips running between Burien and West Seattle”

    I can already see the eyebrows raised.

  3. Added 510s are good…but why none in the morning?

    So when can we get an express bus from Everett to Redmond? Because we sure aren’t getting rail there.

  4. What’s the 545 stop change in downtown Seattle? Even in the pdf of the guide they only say it’s a stop change, but don’t tell you what it is.

  5. I believe that somebody transposed their numbers. The stop change appears to actually be to route 554, not 545. When inbound from Issaquah, it’s last stop will now be 4th and Lenora instead of 5th & Lenora (or whatever it is now).

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