Water taxi
Water Taxi, photo by Word Ridden


Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012
3:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Puget Sound Regional Council
Board Room
1011 Western Ave., Suite 500

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One Reply to “Reminder: Colman Dock Replacement Open House Today”

  1. I went to this and found the proposed design for a ‘new’ Colman Dock to be overwhelmingly functional and underwhelmingly dull and boring to be honest.

    The Colman Dock is a major gateway to the Emerald City for both locals and tourists alike and a striking and perhaps dramatic entrance would be more apropos than the somewhat flat looking warehouse currently in design mode for our attention. As someone likes the dramatic, it did nothing for me but maybe the inside will be cool. There were not any pictures for this so I couldn’t say.

    I think that Mike Lindblom was there from the Times but if so he didn’t have a piece in today’s paper on it.

    Of more interest was the fact that WSDOT send over a crack team to explain the deep bore tunnel and the lady I spoke to was extremely well informed and aware of all of the nuts and bolts of the tunnel machine itself which she described as functioning like a cheese grater!

    On the other hand, the folks explaining the Colman Dock proposal didn’t seem quite as informed even if they were all friendly and engaging. One person didn’t know that someone was planning a fast ferry from Port Townsend to Seattle to arrive at the dock. I found this to be surprising as the person was employed by WSDOT but I have seen this at other events in the area – SDOT sent someone once who was close to clueless on the King Street renovation project and he was there to describe it!

    For those of us unemployed, this can get frustrating. I like community outreach and could be good at it but you do need to be well informed.

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