This post originally appeared on Orphan Road.

My fellow readers, I’m very exited to announce that Matt the Engineer and I are going to be joining the excellent blogging crew over at Seattle Transit Blog. I’ve always had great respect for the STB team. In fact, our blogs started at about the same time back in 2007 when the infamous “Roads and Transit” debate was raging. They’ve created a strong community and a solid voice for transit and land use issues in the Seattle area.

I won’t shut down OR. Too much good stuff to let it slip to link rot. But I’ll probably be doing the bulk of my writing about transit at STB from now on. You’re welcome to¬†follow me on Twitter, but you may be disappointed as few of my tweets are specifically about transit.

Special thanks to all the contributors who have blogged here over the years, and to you all for reading. The ability for anyone in the world to self-publish and find a niche of readers is still, to me, the most magical thing about the internet.