Restore Transit Now!

Now that Pierce Transit has voted to reduce its service area, transit advocates in Pierce County are kicking off the campaign to win that service back after last year’s defeat. The kickoff meeting is Thursday from 5-8pm at The Hub (203 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma). Details via the kick-off Facebook event page :

Please Join Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Pierce County Council member Tim Farrell, Pierce County Council member Rick Talbert, Tacoma Council member Jake Fey, Gig Harbor Council member Derek Young, Puyallup City Council member Steve Vermillion, Tacoma School Board member Karen Vialle as well as many more elected leaders, community leaders, riders and residents to kick off a critical campaign to Restore Transit NOW in Pierce County!

We have lived far to[o] long with the devastating cuts and its time we bring back the buses!

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7 Replies to “Restore Transit Now Kick Off Meeting Thursday”

    1. I wonder what Sumner and Bonney Lake have in mind. They might be going the Yakima County route, where cities form their own transit departments and contract with a company to operate them.

      1. I wonder if light rail is in their Master Plan?
        Naw. But extending the steam trains from Mt. Rainier to Sumner would be a real hoot. or maybe that’s a toot.

      2. I don’t think Summer and Bonnet Lake care to pay for any transit, except for possibly shuttles with the express purpose of connecting to Sounder.

  1. Hopefully someone tells them the second-to-last sentence should read “We have lived far too long with the devastating cuts and its time we bring back the buses!”
    I get the idea, though: service has been cut so much that the last “o” in “too” has also been dropped. :)

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