Peter Rogoff

I’m gonna take a moment to make a pitch for Transportation Choices Coalition’s annual event, which is set to play host to a very special guest, Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff.  Because Rogoff is such an important power player for transit in Washington DC, the opportunity to hear him speak will be considerably valuable.  While he’ll be speaking largely to the state of transit on a national scale, his opinions undoubtedly influence local matters, particularly when it comes to talking points like espousing RapidRide as “rail on wheels.”

All snarkiness aside, this is an also an important fundraising event for TCC, which has made a fairly huge impact on bettering local transit in recent times, most recently helping save Metro from draconian service cuts.  Two fights on the horizon are imminent– ballot measures in Pierce County, with lots of service at stake, and Clark County, which would give local support to help usher in MAX expansion to Vancouver.  Money raised going to further these causes would be well spent.

The event will take place the evening of October 2nd, from 5:00-7:30PM at 1927 Events.

6 Replies to “TCC’s Annual Event Coming Up”

  1. Max to Vancouver is nothing but a scam to get money to the Portland area’s Trimet which is in financial trouble. It’ll penalize Portland workers who live in Washington.

    1. If mass transit to Vancouver takes a large share of I5 traffic off the new bridge and provides a better commute to Washitonians who would now be in the Portland-Vancouver TriMet district, how is that a scam?

      1. My understanding is that Max is not a terribly fast line and that if it were extended to Vancounver, it would not be time competitive with the express buses people in Vancouver already have, which makes the extension look like a boondoggle.

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