For all those last minute voters, below is our election endorsements cheat sheet. Full writeup can be viewed here.

U.S. Senate

U.S. Senator: Maria Cantwell

Washington State

Governor: Jay Inslee

Initiative 1185: No

Supreme Court Position #9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud


Pierce Transit Proposition 1: Yes

C-Tran Proposition 1: Approve

Washington State Senate

District 10: Barbara Bailey

District 41: Maureen Judge

Washington State House

District 21, Rep. 2: Marko Liias

District 27, Rep. 2: Jake Fey

District 30, Rep. 2: Roger Freeman

District 34, Rep. 2: Joe Fitzgibbon

District 36, Rep. 1: Reuven Carlyle

District 46, Rep. 2: Jessyn Farrell

District 48, Rep 1: Ross Hunter

District 48, Rep 2: Cyrus Habib

City and Other

City of Seattle Proposition 1: Approve

City of Kirkland Proposition 1: Approve

Proposed North Highline “Y” Annexation Area: Approve

Proposed West Hills Annexation Area: Approve

28 Replies to “STB 2012 General Election Endorsements Cheat Sheet”

    1. Totally off topic – those aren’t transit related. And suggesting Reject for 74 in a Seattle blog is tantamount to trolling.

  1. Yes on Pierce Transit Prop 1 – Because buses cutting off service before 5:00pm on any day of the week (let alone Sunday) is simply unacceptable.

    1. Man, I hope prop 1 passes – Prop 1 alone determines the value of my (upcoming) 2013 Wild Waves season pass.

  2. Interesting to note that these endorsements are heavily weighted towards the suburbs. In fact, the only LD with two candidates endorsed is the 48th which encompasses Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Medina, and the Points Communities. How will real Seattleites know how to vote?

    1. We only endorsed in races where there was a clear favorite, or in many of the suburban locations, a clear opponent. In Seattle its usually a Dem vs. Dem and they usually are fairly good on transit and land use issues. In the suburbs its usually Dem vs Rep and that makes the choices more stark.

  3. I’m disappointed to see the continuing endorsement of Barbara Bailey in the 10th District. Mary Margaret Haugen isn’t in trouble because of her transportation policies, she is in trouble because of her support for marriage equality and Ref. 74. That has been the #1 issue in the 10th District. Not every person who opposes 74 is a hateful bigot, but the STB editorial board is aligning itself with some very regressive forces by endorsing Barbara Bailey. If MMH is defeated, your victory will be very shallow. It’s time to re-think your position and take a pass on this one.

    1. It’s a bold stance, and an attempt to thread a needle. “If MMH is defeated, your victory will be very shallow.” If MMH is defeated and the Dem’s keep control of the senate, it could be a strong win for transit at the state level. I think everyone knows it’s a risky compromise, but if voting is easy you’re probably doing it wrong.

      1. Because STB is afraid of what, gay marriage?

        I think you’re on the wrong blog. From a transit stance, MMH is probably a bad choice. End of story. That said, hopefully nobody votes only based on transit-frendliness.

    2. So, if Referendum 74 passes, you expect Sen.-elect Bailey to lead the charge to overturn it? Somehow, I think not.

    3. Are endorsement is based only on transportation and land use issues. Yes its a strategic position to take but we’re very clear why we take that position.

      1. Adam, shame on you guys for endorsing Barbara Bailey, a far right-wing Republican who is most definitely not pro-transit. The 10th isn’t even a Seattle race. Why bother to weigh in?

        You seem to have lost sight of the larger picture here. Do you want an anti-transit majority running things in the Senate? Because that is what we might get. The R’s only need three Senate seats to take over. They have targeted Mary Margaret Haugen; she’s one of the people they are trying to eliminate.

        Urging people to vote against Haugen is stupid… just stupid. You may not like Haugen as Transportation Chair. Haugen can be an obstacle, but she can be worked around. That won’t be the case if the R’s run the show in the Senate. I guarantee you won’t like the results if a Republican is running the Transportation Committee. You can forget about Sound Transit’s MVET being reauthorized in the next two years if that happens.

        The most important vote Haugen or Bailey will cast will be for majority leader, not for any particular bill or amendment. Bailey isn’t going to be with us on anything. You’ve endorsed her simply because you hope to get rid of Haugen. Again, stupid move. I hope anyone reading this blog in the 10th who is pro-transit ignores your endorsements.

      2. “but she can be worked around” No she can’t. She’s Transportation Chair.

        The strategy is to remove Haugen, but keep a Dem majority so they can put someone else in as Transportation Chair. It’s a risk, but it may be the only way to effect change. The world will not end if a republican gets in, and we could always vote her out next time.

      3. Jan,

        The Democratic majority has achieved nothing of significance on our issues since the last election, aside from the band-aid of the CRC.

        I would rather the Democrats retain their majority, but I’d most like the next Democratic majority, whenever that is, to actually get something done. That won’t happen with Haugen in the Senate.

    1. I don’t think STB has an opinion on that seat. The only coverage was here. Both candidates are fairly strong on transit.

      If you feel Gael is the better candidate for transit, this would be a good time to make that argument.

      1. It was pretty well established during the forum that she is the superior candidate for transit and urban issues. Frame said it was not a priority of hers and that she does not feel the state should address the issue. In effect, it is solely the reponsibility of King County, Seattle, and local voters.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t know it had to be transit related. Just adding my two cents.
    On that note, Pierce Transit prop 1 better pass… Because we might be moving to pierce county.

  5. OK, why if people in Washington vote by mail did you leave your recommendations til one day before the election?

  6. Pierce county is so stupid! WHY did they not pass prop 1? They are shooting themselves in the foot.

  7. Prop 1 is slowly starting to recover:
    Approve: 49.29%
    Reject: 50.71%

    I blame this possible disaster on this evil website:
    It’s SOOO stupid! Prop 1 would only account for 2% of the “Waaaay too much” 10.1% sales tax. I wish people would RESEARCH before they vote :-{.

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