The First In-Service RapidRide, by Atomic Taco on Flickr
The First In-Service RapidRide, by Atomic Taco on Flickr

I’m a huge fan of pub trivia (or “Quizzo” as we called it back in Philly). I’m also a fan of pub crawls. And I’m learning to love RapidRide. So I have to give a special shout out to Seattle Trivia Crawls new RapidRide edition:

A first in Trivia Crawl history. Instead of walking amongst pub stops, we’ll use the Rapid Ride buses.

We’ll be crawling along/using the “D” line. You either need an Orca card or cash to pay the $2.25 fare.

3 pm start time at Thirsty Fish in Crown Heights
End location is Lower Queen Anne (so plan accordingly).
This crawl will go longer than the typical 3.5 hour length due to the uncertainty of bus arrival times.

An email with all pertinent details will be sent a few days prior to the Crawl to those who have registered.

Heh: “the uncertainty of bus arrival times.” It’s like you don’t even need a schedule!

Register here.

4 Replies to “Seattle Trivia Crawls: Rapid Ride Edition”

  1. If you use cash and the driver gives you a crazy long transfer like they usually do, you might be able to make it on one fare, but if you use an ORCA card, you will need $4.50 because 3.5 hours is longer than the 2 hour transfer period.

      1. Oh yes, that is true. So it would be free for me if I weren’t underage and had that kind of time to kill. Each day I go without a puget pass is like throwing money away. It costs me $45 per month, but I am probably making closer to $75 of use of it with the way I use the transit system.

    1. Hi there… the Trivia Crawl guy here. We’ll actually only be taking two separate rides as part of the Crawl and the boardings will only be separated by an 1/1.5 hours so a single purchase should be sufficient. I.e. we start at the first place, take the RR to stop two, spend an hour at stop two, board RR for the trip to the third place and then it’s over.

      Perhaps it’s a reasonable expectation that the Crawlers will need to take the RR back to the first location but not necessarily a given.

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