We’re a bit late reporting on this promotion, so if you have been driving alone for the past couple of weeks you are out of luck. However, I imagine a good portion of our users are probably taking alternatives but either haven’t signed up for RideshareOnline.com or aren’t logging their trips in the calendar. As the system allows you to go back three weeks and log trips, you should sign up/login and get to it!

Here are the rules:

Register or update your existing user account on RideshareOnline.com to get started. Then at least twice per week during the promotion (that’s Aug. 18 – Sept. 21, 2013), track your alternative work commute (for at least 10 total days) on the RideshareOnline.com calendar (or a participating sponsor calendar such as IWay or DriveLessConnect) to be eligible for entry into prize drawings, including a $1,500 gift card grand prize drawing and three $500 gift card drawings. We will also draw weekly for $50 MasterCard gift card winners from each participating state ( WA & ID). Visit www.rideshareonline.com/Puzzle.html for contest details and eligibility.

RidershareOnline.com is great for tracking your trips, seeing how much money you save and pollution you reduce, and especially for finding someone to carpool with. As Wheel Options is coming up you’ll want to start getting in the habit of logging your trips anyway.

6 Replies to “RideshareOnline.com Summer Promotion”

  1. I just tried to sign up, but they refused to recognize my workplace address. I’ll try again at home tonight, I think.

    Does anyone know any way of getting in touch with them apart from the general contact email?

  2. Rideshareonline is a clunky, unintuitive system, but it’s worth using anyway because there’s almost always some contest or another going on. This Puzzled campaign, the annual Wheel Options (Hawaii trip this year), and (for carpoolers and vanpoolers anyway) $2500 in monthly cash giveaways available (50 x $50). If you have a regular commute that doesn’t deviate much, the best thing to do is the Ron Popeil: set it and forget it. Get into the system, set up a recurring trip template, then go in once a month or so to confirm your trips.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to RideshareOnline.com. I’ve been looking for an effective place to log my bike commutes ever since the Cascade Bicycle Club’s May Commute Challenge ended. For some reason, I find myself bike commuting more when I log my trips.

  4. The website also says you have until Sunday the 29th to finish logging your alternative work trips taken between 8/19-9/21.

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