The State Senate Transportation Committee is kicking off a series of open houses to discuss transportation funding. They’re meeting tonight in Bellevue. It’s open to the public. There will be another in Seattle in October, and several more throughout the state. If you care about Metro cuts or other transportation-related issues, it would be a good opportunity to make your voice heard.

These and other events are on our calendar.

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  1. What highlights? I haven’t heard anything worth posting about. I’m present as well. Nothing really has stood out. I think the much of the politicians’ 2 min mini-speeches were grandstanding and had little substance. None are really worth tweeting about.

    I think the best speech thus far has been by a blind gentleman who was obviously frustrated with transportation infrastructure.

    I rode my motorcycle to the event. Transit would have made me even later to the event. …just as some have stated in their comments as well.

    1. I was there until 8 or so (red polo shirt, far side from the doors, about 3/4 of the way back), and I generally agree with you. The sound-bite speeches weren’t worth much except as a measure of sentiment in the part of the public that cares enough to show up. Politicians have heard all these factoids before; I’d be surprised if any of them actually change their mind.

      Still, I’m glad all the transit supporters showed up. It was a great moment when one guy complained that 60% of transportation funds in such-and-such period were spent on transit – and the crowd erupted in applause!

      1. I stood for an hour or so up front by the entrance….then got a seat. I was in fairly obvious attire. …a motorcycle suit. I rode my motorcycle and stayed until 9 to talk in person with a couple legislators. No need to go in front of people and give a two minute spiel.

        One woman spoke to Senator Eide after the fact and made the comment that the people should have been heard…not the politicians. I agree with the woman. I wanted to hear solutions from the public. …not unabashedly support of transportation revenue. It has to be sustainable and reliable. The political showing was heavily Eastside and S King County oriented. Both Rep. Linda Kochmar and Sen. Eide hail from Federal Way.

        No one from Shoreline was present aside from Rod Dembowski. He represents my corner of King County. I’ll hit the Seattle Mtg on Oct 14.

      2. Yeah, the applause when the guy was complaining about how transit funding has increased was great. I don’t think that was the reaction he was hoping for.

        For the most part, there was very little deviation from the following three themes:

        1. Pass a comprehensive transportation package this year
        2. Congestion relief on 405 (often phrased as “fixing 405”)
        3. Provide a local option to save Metro

        I think the two speakers from the blind community did a great job of making their case, particularly the second one. I also appreciated the transit riders union.

        A few other interesting appearances: there was a man from the recreational boating association, arguing that gas taxes on boat fuel should not be used on highways. Makes sense to me. There was also a businessman who said that it’s hard to get foreigners to invest in our region when we have poorly funded infrastructure and inadequate public transportation. He cited the Skagit River crossing as a particularly hard thing to explain.

        Overall, I’d say the event was pretty positive for transit supporters, and we demonstrated that even on the east side, there is a lot of support for transit. Except for the guy sitting near me who quietly said “boo” every time there was applause for transit causes, but I was probably the only one who heard him.

      3. I must’ve left before the blind speakers spoke. I assume they pointed out that they can’t drive and so depend on transit; what else did they say?

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