With most of the bars in town showing the Super Bowl today, and scarcely a mention of any family-friendly party venues, today is a really good day to not get behind the wheel.

A short list of restaurants and bars showing the Super Bowl and billed as “Kid-Friendly” is available here.

The Seattle Center is offering a no-alcohol place to view the Super Bowl for free, in the Armory / Center House Main Floor. But there are no plans for big screens, if that is what you are seeking.

If you know of other transit-friendly/family-friendly establishments showing the Super Bowl, please list them in the comments below. Any cab companies or for-hire driver services, or any other free or discounted service to get people home today, can also promote their specials in the comments below.

If you plan to watch the game somewhere other than at home, and plan to drink, plan not to drive. Please and thanks.

Update: The big screen in the Microsoft Auditorium at the Seattle Central Library will show the Super Bowl for free. Doors open at 2:30 p.m. The Bothell branch of King County Libraries will also show it for free.

10 Replies to “Have a Safe Super Bowl Sunday!”

  1. I’m surprised Seattle didn’t open up Century Link and put the game on the big screens.

    I would have bought a ticket for that and taken Sounder in.

    1. The CLink is owned by Seattle Seahawks | Seattle Sounders FC. ….basically Paul Allen. While I agree with your point, I just wanted to clarify ownership.

      1. Actually, the stadium is owned by the Washington State Public Stadium Authority, It is managed by Paul Allen.

  2. Mars Hill in W Seattle (route 21 stops a half block away) is having a free viewing party. Apparently they have 4 screens 12′ or bigger and will be providing food.

    Can’t guarantee they won’t try to get your attention for the other 51 Sundays while you are there though.

  3. I have to disagree with the claim that yesterday was a day to avoid the roads. While the game was going on the streets were empty. It was a joy to get around on bike

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