Mike Harbour
Mike Harbour

The Kent Reporter:

The Sound Transit Board on Thursday officially designated Sound Transit Deputy CEO Mike Harbour as Acting CEO as Joni Earl continues her medical leave.

Earl is recovering from surgeries due to a brain injury from a blood vessel leakage on the brain.

“As Joni recovers she has the Sound Transit Board’s strong support,” said Sound Transit Board Chair and King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Mike Harbour has our complete confidence in this role to keep Sound Transit on track to serve our region’s commuters.”

We wish Joni Earl a speedy recovery.

7 Replies to “Mike Harbour Appointed Acting CEO of Sound Transit”

  1. Ouch. Best of luck to Ms. Earl; that’s a really, really scary medical problem.

  2. I hope she is okay. Joni Earl has been really terrific for Sound Transit and thus our region in general.

  3. Joni, get better quick!

    Joni Earl deserves credit for showing Puget Sounders that it is actually possible to execute well on major capital projects. For all the trouble we give her Sound Transit about some of its planning and design decisions, the agency has accumulated an absolutely impeccable record on execution, and they are the only local agency that has done so.

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