hydroplane racesA new tradition started back in 2009, when Seafair started having free shuttle buses between Columbia City Station and the entrance to the paid viewing area for the hydroplane races at Genesee Park, which also happens to be a great place to simultaneously watch the Blue Angels airshow.

The hydroplane races and airshow take place this Friday through Sunday. The free shuttle buses will run from 7 am to 6 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You can also now ride King County Metro route 50 from West Seattle all the way to Genesee Park. Route 50 connects to Link at Othello Station, Columbia City Station, and SODO Station. If you miss the last shuttle bus, just take route 50 back to Link, in either direction.

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  1. It has not always been at the Columbia City Station where the free shuttle starts. In some years, it has been Othello St. Station. Note that the Route 50 is rerouted during the hydros, and does not get close to Genessee Park (See Metro Transit reroutes).

  2. Can I please offer this caution to Seafair-goers? Last night masked, armed robbers targeted riders at Columbia City Station, robbing people as they got off the train, then firing shots, and the suspects are still at large. Don’t bring anything of value to Seafair. Leave your credit cards and cash at home. Don’t wear any watches or jewelry. And if you have to bring a phone, never take it out of your pocket. Don’t let this crime affect going out and having fun, but try to be home before dark. Last night’s robbery and shooting at the Link station happened at 10:15 pm. I would advise people to be home before the sun goes down.


    1. Your recommendation to not ‘let this crime affect going out and having fun’ seems disingenuous after your long list of things not to carry and warnings to scamper home before dark, when the ghosts and werewolves come out. It’s a city with hundreds of thousands of people – there will be crime.

      Do you even leave the house when you live in such constant fear? Police shot a guy in Gasworks Park last night after he threatened them with a broken bottle. Are you also warning people to avoid parks?

      Lastly, if you really are that scared of being held up you shouldn’t carry absolutely nothing. Give the robbers a few crumpled five dollar bills and they’ll run off. Tell them you have nothing and they might try to ‘convince’ you to give up what they think you’re hiding.

      1. Patrick, I want to see if I understand this correctly. (English is my sixth language). Last night, people getting off Link at the Columbia City Station were robbed by masked gunmen. The gunmen even shot-off a few rounds during their escape. They are still out there. They haven’t been caught yet. Now there’s an Excuse-of-the-Week post encouraging people to use the very same Station this weekend. I decided to give people a few safety tips, in case they weren’t aware of there were armed robbers targeting transit riders. BTW, Sound Transit makes some of the same safety suggestions. Keep your cell phones and laptops out of sight, etc. But instead of being angry at the gun-toting criminals, you are reserving your outrage for the guy who says to be careful out there. Huh??

  3. Two things. First, just to clarify about the free shuttles. Free shuttles to Seafair have been around for many decades. For a long time you caught them at the old King Dome. Now you get them at Columbia City Station. So there’s nothing new about free shuttles to Seafair.

    Ok, maybe just one thing.

  4. Big Picture: This is a weekend where people are going to take some buses to get to a train that will take them to some buses that will take them to a place where they can watch some boats and planes.

  5. How about some of the pro-gun people patrol Columbia City and Othello stations to stand up to the thugs? If they absolutely feel guns are necessary, why don’t they use them for a good reason?

    1. Not to spoil the banter, but firearms are not allowed on Sound Transit property without permission from the agency (which is generally limited to law enforcement officers). Leave them at home, or don’t ride.

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