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    1. At this point what are the advantages of East Link as designed over the proposed B7 alignment along I-90? If we just put it on I-90 we can save a ton a money and avoid the pointless DT tunnel. The stations aren’t even that far apart and in South Bellevue’s case it’s might even be better.

      1. As the article states, mercer slough impacts are greater with the i90 alignment. This is just the next phase in all out opposition.

  1. Heads up: Your state representatives still have time, through Monday, to sign onto HB 1180, the bill to grant Sound Transit authority for ST3.

    Are both your representatives on this list? If not look them up, email them, *and* call them. If you feel bold and sufficiently informed, ask to have a couple minutes to speak with them on the phone (which may involve a callback). Tomorrow is it for signing on as a co-sponsor.

    If they did sign on, email them a thank-you note.

  2. Thanks very much, d.p., for setting out what’s really changed in racial discrimination since the 1960’s: segregation doesn’t need embarrassments like police chiefs named “Bull” or legislators called “Pitchfork Ben.”

    Now, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that black people had just barely made it into the industrial world at exactly the time when this country trashed out its industries and began steadily sending its production overseas.

    Sadly the same thing that happened to after the Civil War. Black people, whose skills actually ran the South before the war because gentry though all labor smelled bad, for about ten years got to benefit from their work.

    Until the tyrannical Northern troops pulled out- budget cuts, you know- following which black business people whose entrepreneurial habits made them special targets for lynching.

    But in our time- you can’t blame the natural forces of the free market for one more separation of black from the productive work and decent wages they had just started to earn. Can you? Anymore than the sad reality that the death of public transit makes it impossible for them to get to work. At least there’s no more segregation on buses!

    And saddest misfortune of all: the only prejudice that modern liberals of which a large percentage of liberals are guilty is the fact the depth of their liberalism bottoms out ten stories above the ceiling of the place most working people inhabit.

    Notice how the Democratic Party never says “working class” anymore? At a pre-primary function back in 2008, a candidate told me: “Well, ‘middle class just has so much more resonance!'” Too bad again. Just reality, you know.

    A dropped guard in political boxing literally begging for an uppercut from the Party of Lincoln! If not for its takeover fifty years ago by the political descendants of the people weren’t afraid to get their hands rope burned.

    By some counts, there are more black people chained and handcuffed now than the Night
    They Drove Old Dixie Down. Once again, what else can anybody do for people who didn’t have the initiative to get born in a school district that doesn’t have rats in the basement? It was their choice, after all, to sell drugs rather than watch their kids starve to death.

    To white people who only turned to cocaine in their heroic struggle with workaholism and and impossible meeting schedule. Added to the humiliation of sharing a skin color with Bull and Pitchfork Ben! Like a drunken Jew-killing mob member would often say upon waking up with Hell’s own hangover: “Life is so unfair!’

    Mark Dublin

    1. “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman still has the main building at Clemson University in South Carolina named for him, despite being a truly vile and inhumane man. There is a debate raging TODAY at the university as to whether or not to rename the building, which I believe is Clemson’s oldest and certainly is the most symbolic on campus. I note this, since you brought him up, as just another reminder as to how different things still are in that part of the country. Despite definite changes for the better in much of the South, these things are still debated there and, truth be told, Tillman’s name will remain even if the Clemson trustees vote to remove it because the elected representatives of the people of South Carolina will not approve the change.

      There is a history professor at Clemson who opposes the name change; when asked why, his response was (paraphrased) “if we change the name it’s not out there and you can’t really talk about it anymore.” This is certainly true, as Stalingrad and the thousands of “Adolf-Hitler-Strasses” that still fill central Europe will attest. Oh, wait….

      I live part-time in Greenville, SC, a lovely and–for the South–reasonably progressive city about 30 miles from Clemson. (The city is “progressive”; the metro area much less so.) Yet what you speak of is still so much in evidence that the idea of reasonable transit in cities like this in the South is a non-starter–for only “those people” ride transit and therefore it is not deserving of funding.

  3. BTW, to be fair, a justified complaint over life’s unfairness sounded much more natural in Russian, after what they called a “pogrom.’ Doubt anybody lynching a black southern businessman post-civil war saw anything unfair about it at all.


  4. Went out earlier today and noticed that the trolleys are out and about. That’s unusual for a Sunday.

  5. Is there any online index of the most popular Blogs of all varieties in the Seattle region? There are so many in this area that are pretty developed, I was just wondering if there was some sort of index to discover more of them.

  6. That was one hell of a thriller for the Seahawks – down 12 with 3:02 in the game & they score a pair of TD’s with a 2-point conversion to boot. After the Packers tie it with a FG by Crosby, Seattle wins in OT 28-22.

  7. Anyone know why the 316 has been so unreliable of late leaving downtown? It’s been truly pathetic.

    1. Top one is Napoli (Naples); the two ornate ones on the second row are in Moscow and the middle one is in Stockholm.

  8. Noticed this in sr520 article…


    The project includes a second drawbridge over the nearby Montlake Cut. The City Council has been reluctant to see another drawbridge imposed on the neighborhood, though it would add space for bus and bicycle lanes.

    Any pointers to details? I thought this was cut.
    If done properly, would allow the 545 and 255 to turn around at Montlake.

    1. The second drawbridge is far from a done deal, but if it does happen, it should either be foot/bike only, or foot/bike/bus only. It should not be opened to cars.

      I also have to agree with the Yacht Club spokesperson that a 6-lane bridge over Portage Bay is overkill, given the limited capacity of I-5, limited express lane hours, and the high liklihood of eventual bus truncations to the UW (if not in 2016, in 2023 when EastLink opens).

      If I were designing things, I would just build a 4-lane bridge over Portage Bay, with a bike path and shoulders, and call it good.

  9. Fighting Traffic, Dreaming Of Light Rail Outside Seattle

    “In the quest to reduce traffic and create more sustainable communities, rail-centered communities are poised to make a comeback. All through Bellevue’s Bel-Red corridor, mega developments like the Spring District are concentrating new housing and offices around future light rail stations. But the idea isn’t new. In fact, it goes back to some of Seattle’s oldest suburbs…”

    Gotta love this tidbit in the article in regards to Spring District in Bellevue…
    “That’s partly why Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman put up a fight over the development. He says Bellevue permitted the project without considering the impact of all those drivers before the light rail infrastructure is built.”

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