Observant readers may have noticed a section on Metro’s Link Connections project website called “For Transit Geeks”. The title certainly caught my attention. Click on it and you’ll find a wealth of information that Metro provided to its community sounding board members during the alternatives development process: a background report analyzing existing service and market demographics, detailed route-by-route data sheets for all routes in the study area, and a summary of the first phase of public outreach. The materials have been up since early February.

So if you want to be fully prepared for our detailed coverage and discussion of the Alternative 1 restructure plan next week, check out all the documents above. It will be nice to know that, for example, the section containing the Laurelhurst loop on Route 25 attracted 24 boardings going inbound for the entire day, or that feedback from many immigrants found that they “are used to relying on a service network that is less complex and comes more frequently”. Metro’s planning process is more transparent and objective then ever before thanks to its Service Guidelines and by releasing this information, we can all plan along and make informed comments.

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  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for per-route ridership stats for ages. (Now to get them for every route …)

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