City oF Seattle logoThe Seattle City Council recently created a new Transit Advisory Board to oversee the city’s investments in transit. Applications to serve on this board are being accepted through Friday, May 1.

Seattle residents interested in serving on the board should submit a resume and a letter of interest to Bill LaBorde of the Seattle Department of Transportation at STB readers, exposed to a system view of bus operations, are good candidates.

8 Replies to “Friday Deadline to Apply for Seattle Transit Advisory Board”

  1. I agree Brent, it’s vital STB writers & regular commentors get out from behind the keyboard and take advantage of making genuine inputs into transit.

  2. We have a couple of applicants from among the STB staff. (Not me, as I’m no longer a Seattle resident.) I encourage other Seattle residents interested in these issues to apply too.

  3. I’m just a normal software developer with no urban design experience or anything like that. Is it worth the effort for me to apply?

    1. They didn’t make you read Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language”?

      (I kid, somewhat)

    2. No harm in applying. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Boards seem to be made up mostly of regular folks who use the transportation system. If you’re a regular transit user I think you should go for it!

  4. Too bad SDOT isn’t creating a Transportation Advisory Board. It’s past time to move beyond the silos and look at urban transportation as a system, not just a bunch of overlapping modes.

  5. Applying for the position reserved for the Get Engaged program. Here’s hoping!!

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