As a reminder, we invite you to join us for our next STB Meetup TONIGHT from 5:30-7:30pm at the Impact Hub in Pioneer Square.

Metro planners Ted Day and Jeremy Fichter will join us to discuss the U-Link restructure, with a brief presentation beginning at 5:30 and plenty of time for open Q&A thereafter. At roughly 6:30, we will head over to Good Bar down the street for beer, snacks, and continued conversation.

Meetups are a great opportunity to meet your fellow readers, get a little face time with agency staff, and to get more involved with transit advocacy more generally.  We hope to see you there!

When: Friday, May 29, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Impact HUB, 220 2nd Avenue S. (2nd & Washington)

Please RSVP in the comments to help us get a rough head count.

16 Replies to “Reminder: STB Meetup and Happy Hour Tonight”

  1. In. Might be a little late depending on SR520 traffic (I’ll be coming from the Eastside), but I’ll be there.

    1. Or traffic on I-5 and downtown streets. This is the perfect example of a trip that a Link connection at Montlake would really speed up. At 5:30 on a weekday afternoon, it is very common for the 545 to take a full 30 minutes get to pioneer square, just from the Stewart St. exit ramp.

      1. Bearing that in mind… What do you think about bringing a bike with a cable lock? Would it be safe in Pioneer Square this time of evening?

  2. I sincerely wish all of you great conversation, great esprit d’corps and great camaraderie in my physical absence. The fact I’ll be toiling away on a major STB post means I’ll be there in spirit.

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