photo by Frank Chiachiere
photo by Frank Chiachiere

While King County Metro, Community Transit, and Pierce Transit are expanding service starting this weekend, Sound Transit is cutting a few trips on its least productive bus routes. Cuts to Sound Transit Express bus service, effective this coming Monday, June 8, will include one trip from route 560, six trips from route 566, one trip on route 578, and three trips on route 590.

Bruce Gray at Sound Transit explained that the trips being cut from route 566 had only 11-18 passengers per trip, and more hours were needed for the peak-hour peak-direction runs, due to increasing travel time. However, some mid-day trips just between Renton Transit Center and Auburn Station will be added.

Routes 567 and 577 will have related significant schedule changes. Routes 545 and 550 will have minor schedule changes. Route 586 will have its standard summer service reduction starting June 12.

You can view the updated weekday ST Express schedules here. Also available online are Metro’s, Community Transit’s, and Pierce Transit’s new schedules.

This is the second and final weekend (for now) of transit tunnel closure for system upgrades. Link Light Rail will once again only run as far north as Stadium Station, with several connecting options to downtown, including free route 97 shuttles.

4 Replies to “Sound Transit to Cut Some Bus Service Starting June 8”

  1. I just wish they would elaborate a bit more on exactly which trips are being changed.

    1. On the 590 there’s so many runs that when one gets deleted other schedules get adjusted accordingly. So it’s hard to say which trips are getting axed.

      1. I’m mainly taking about the 578/577, which I take in the evenings. There doesn’t seem to be any changes to those evening trips, but to figure that out I had to hold both schedule books next to each other and compare them. One curiously interesting change is that a morning southbound trip of route 577 is added just three minute after the previous trip.

      2. Possibly a deadhead bus they need to get back to federal way anyway to run back to seattle.

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