Last week, STB unveiled its 2015 city council primary endorsements. This was the first time we had gone through such an extensive interview process before making endorsements. We don’t have plans to do any more interviews, or make further endorsements, in the primary election. That doesn’t mean the rest of the ballot isn’t important.

So, we are calling for suggestions from our readers as to who we should vote for in other races. Please stick to candidates’ positions on transportation and land use.


7 Replies to “Call for Suggestions in Other Races”

  1. I like Shannon Braddock in District One. Everyone running is pushing for light rail to West Seattle, but it couldn’t hurt to have an ST board member’s former aide representing our interests to make sure a Junction line is well designed and supports good transfer experiences.

    Plus, she’s the only one likely to beat Lisa Herbold, who’s faux progressivism is exposed when she panders to the NIMBY crowd, and who is associated with my least favorite councilmember.

    1. Bearing in mind last week’s news, and many similar news items in the past, what’s your evidence that “ST board member’s former aide” is a point in her favor, instead of a point against her?

      1. To paraphrase LBJ, it’s better to have someone inside the tent pissing out than vice versa.

        And really, my takeaway from the week’s events is that ST is responsive to local jurisdictions desires. The whole tempest in a teapot based on not-to-scale maps that imply huge course deviations that don’t exist, and ignorance of the ambitious TOD plans of the jurisdictions in question doesn’t bother me.

        Seattle needs to speak with one voice on what we want to get the urban part built right. The SDOT comments implying we’re losing a LQA and Belltown station in favor of SLU worry me more than anything ST has done.

    2. I’m voting for Braddock for that same reason. Herbold is anti-density, anti-development, pro-parking mins. It’s hard to tell where Braddock stand on these issues but she does support safe routes to school. My sad/cynical interpretation is that Braddock kept her urbanist views silent in the campaign, to avoid alienating the NIMBY crowds out here in West Seattle, but she’ll hopefully actually be a positive vote on the council.

      1. Yep. I don’t know how Braddock will turn out but the worst case scenario is ‘almost as bad as Herbold’ and the best case scenario is much better. I’ll take the wild card over the joker any day.

  2. Shannon Braddock is the clear choice in District One. She has the most experience in transit issues due to being Chief of Staff to KC Councilmember Joe McDermott, who is on both the ST board and the governing body for Metro. She is also a regular transit rider who cares deeply about mobility issues in West Seattle and South Park. Lisa Herbold has worked for Nick Licata, who has been no friend of ST or transit in general. Brianna Thomas is a promising challenger, but has little experience with transit issues. Chas Redmond has some deep community roots and has been active on pedestrian issues, but opposed the BRT lanes at the Alaska Junction to speed operation of Rapid Ride. There is a clear choice for STB readers in District One–Support Shannon Braddock.

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