Seafair WeekendThe Seafair tradition continues: Free shuttles to the Genessee Park festival area, from which you get the best view of the Albert Lee Cup hydroplane races and the Blue Angels, will serve Columbia City Station Friday through Sunday 7 am – 6 pm.

If you wish to park & ride, but don’t expect to get to Tukwila International Boulevard Station early enough to find free parking, print out this coupon for $10 all-day parking at the airport. Parking at the event grounds is $35 if bought in advance or $40 cash on site. It’s also a bear getting into and out of the area by car during Seafair Weekend, so save a chunk of time and money by riding Link Light Rail and catching the free shuttle.

There will also be shuttles between Mercer Island and South Bellevue P&R during the I-90 closure periods Thursday through Saturday, but not Sunday.

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5 Replies to “Link Excuse of the Week: Save on Parking for Hydroplane Races / Blue Angels”

  1. I’m lucky to live near the #2. It’s the one time of year I actually want to travel from Queen Anne to Madrona. I’m picturing the next don’t-split-the-2 campaign: *But the Blue Angels! We’d have to transfer!*

  2. Don’t bother going to Coulon Point.

    It was listed as a place to see the show, and I rode my bike there from Kent (which is a nice trip in and off itself except for a few rough connections on the bike lanes).

    It’s a nice beach park, however there were only one or two fly overs the rest of the show too far away to enjoy.

    Better to continue further north up either side of the Lake.

  3. Only in stb land will someone say that, parking, walking, waiting for a train, riding said train, and then catching a shuttle for your final walk is faster than just driving. Cheaper, sure, because of how much we all pay for link.

    1. Only someone that’s never been to the lake to watch the Blue Angels would say that driving is faster than anything at all.

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