[Author’s note: The above video has little to do with city council issues. I put it up as an ode to flailing candidate Tony Provine and nihilist filmmaker Jean Luc Godard. Provine’s bulldozer’s-are-coming mailer is about as absurdist as a Godard flick. The only difference is that Provine is actually taking his delusions seriously.]

The bulldozers are coming for your homes! Okay, not really. But we have the chance Tuesday to toss the most outrageously incendiary and reality-challenged campaigns into the compost bin of history (hopefully without destroying said compost bin).

To vote in person, get in line by 8 pm at Union Station (the building right next to the ID/Chinatown light rail station), at the King County Elections HQ in Renton, or at Bellevue City Hall.

You can drop off your filled-out ballot at any of these sites or any of a couple dozen ballot drop boxes all over the county, by 8 pm.

If you mail your ballot, get it post-marked by Tuesday, and don’t forget to affix first-class postage worth at least 49 cents.

If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet, refresh yourself on our city council endorsements.

Come back here for live-blogging Tuesday night, as we attempt to divine and spin results based on a minority of ballots coming in, since they traditionally trickle in over the next week.

9 Replies to “Vote By 8 PM Tuesday”

  1. Who I primary’d for:

    D7: Sally Bagshaw (no viable opponents, and her transpiration staffer is hella good & responsive)

    D8: John Roderick! (By far the best choice. STB Endorsee Tim Burgess is too moderate on all issues, running away when they get hard. This blog will see as we get closer to November that Burgess is a politician before a progressive urbanist)

    D9: Lorena Gonzalas (I thought about voting for Alon, but he doesn’t really have a chance and i want to make it clear that Bradburd has no chance in November)

    KC Elections: Zach Hudgeons (This guy was cool when I met him at some primary endorsement meeting in May)

    Port of Seattle; Write in (didn’t care enough to research all 9,899 candidates)

    1. Just a PSA about write-in votes – please don’t vote them just for kicks. They slow down the vote counting process significantly. If there is actually a write-in campaign going on, by all means vote for that person if you want. “Mickey Mouse” is wasteful of the time and effort (which = $$$) of the elections staff.

      If you don’t care, just leave it blank. Please.

  2. For those of us who believe there are politicians who want to forcibly erect Robert Taylor Homes type tenements in safe, single family home neighborhoods like Laurelhurst and The Highlands, who should we vote for to stop it?

  3. The bulldozers were outside my home all last week repaving 109th Ave SE.

    And they did a damn fine job quicker than I ever thought possible.

    Bonus would be to repaint without a center turning lane (which the hotrodders use for passing…25 mph zone..lots of schoolkids) and road diet it down with bike lanes on either side.

  4. I encouraged the students in my college Summer classes today to vote. A surprisingly large number of them didn’t even know there was a primary election tomorrow. Young people – sigh.

  5. Unfortunately, rotting carcasses of tossed aside politicians are not allowed in Seattle compost bins. Isn’t there a ravine in Magnolia or Broadmoor we can toss them into?

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