Zap GridlockThe Seattle Seahawks kick off their home season Sunday, September 27. Cash shuttles, $4 each way, will run from Eastgate Park & Ride, South Kirkland Park & Ride, and Northgate Transit Center to 6th & Weller (next to International District / Chinatown Station) before each weekend game, and return after the game. (The pre-season games were both on weekdays, so there were no shuttles.) Sound Transit Express 554, Metro route 255, and Metro route 41 also run between these three locations and ID/C Station, for $2.50 each way, but less frequently than the shuttles. The shuttles will not be available for the Monday night game.

Sounder service returns, for six games:

Sunday, September 27, 1:25, vs. Chicago Bears
Sunday, October 18, 1:05, vs. Carolina Panthers
Sunday, November 22, 1:25, vs. San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, November 29, 1:25, vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday, December 20, 1:05, vs. Cleveland Browns
Sunday, December 27, 1:25, vs. St. Louis Rams

Lakewood 9:50 AM 10:30 AM
South Tacoma 9:55 10:35
Tacoma Dome 10:04 10:44
Puyallup 10:16 10:56
Sumner 10:37 AM 11:01
Auburn 10:46 11:10
Kent 10:53 11:17
Tukwila 11:00 11:24
King Street 10:57 11:19 11:43
Everett 10:15 AM 10:30 AM
Mukilteo 10:26 10:41
Edmonds 10:41 10:56
King Street 11:14 11:29

South Sounder trains depart 10, 20, and 45 minutes after each game. North Sounder trains depart 15 and 35 minutes after each game.

The two home games on the nights of Monday, October 5 (5:30 pm, vs. Detroit Lions) and Sunday, November 15 (5:30 pm, vs. Arizona Cardinals) will not have special Sounder service. Of course, there will be regular weekday Sounder service to get to the Monday night game, albeit late.

For alternative service when Sounder is not available, take Link + F Line to Tukwila Sounder Station; route 150 or Link + route 180 to Kent Station; ST Express 578 to Auburn Station, Sumner Station, and Puyallup Station; ST Express 594 to Tacoma Dome Station and Lakewood Station; and ST Express 511 or 512 to Everett Station.

For visitors arriving at SeaTac Airport, your train is Link Light Rail, with a station at the northeast corner of the airport parking lot, and a train departing for downtown and Century Link Field every 10 minutes all day. Follow the signs, and don’t forget to buy a train ticket at the station, just $3 one-way or $6 round trip.

6 Replies to “Sounder Service and Cash Shuttles Return for Seahawks”

  1. I’m wondering what the steep increase in ticket prices this year will do for Seahawks Sounder ridership. I used to find 300 level seats for under $200, but now the minimum seems to be $270…and that’s the very, very cheapest single seats.

    Are families of four in Sumner really paying $400 x 4 = $1600 per game?

    Or do they all have season tickets?

    (If so, I’m in the wrong business!)

    1. The stadium will sell out, same as it has been for years, with most of the same life-time season ticket holders renewing. But with the added sections of seating this year, there could be a few more riders.

    2. The reason the tickets are priced so high is every game is already sold out. Everyone selling them is trying to make a huge profit for them selves yotu woudl be paying 400 for a 150 dollar ticket

  2. I wonder what the farebox recovery is like for these shuttles. I also wonder why ORCA E-purse value can’t be used. Wasn’t the promise of ORCA that you would never need to carry cash again? Metro already has ORCA readers set up for off-peak, 1 zone, and 2 zone fares (and presumably other fare levels for custom bus routes like route 952), so I don’t get what’s so hard about having a special “Seahawks Shuttle” $4 fare setting for their ORCA readers.

  3. Cannot understand why ST does not operate Sunday night service for Seahawks games, but seem to be able to operate the same for Sounders games. .

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