‘Tis the season for songs of cheer, and no reason that some shouldn’t be about public transit! May these songs bring readers cheer and light as they wait for the coming of their coach.

Please feel free to add your own — you know you’ve been thinking “Oh ST3, Oh ST3…” for the last week.

‘East-West Run Our Bridges’
To the tune of ‘Adeste Fideles’, as duet:

1 + 2: East west run our bridges
Floating when not sinking
1: Ride with me, so we can use the
HOV lanes

2: Or ride Sound Transit
Though Metro might run them

1: No way, we will get rained on
2: No, we will not get rained on
1: No way we won’t will get rained on

1 + 2: Then we’ll sta-ay at home

‘Forty-eight O Forty-eight’
To the tune of Hanukkah, O Hanukkah:

Forty-eight oh forty-eight
Come up from Mount Baker
Forty-eight oh forty-eight
How long will it take her

Travel up and down
On old twenty-third
And on MLK
If going northward


I just want the 545
And yet I- wait
For some ship’s fi-rst mate
To enter Portage Bay
Five after nine

Forty-eight oh forty-eight
We go north of Greenlake
Forty-eight oh forty-eight
An hou-r it did take

Then to 85th
For Fred Mey’r and some bars
All the way to
Golden Ga-rdens Park

Carol of the FHSC (not to be confused with DSCH)
To the tune of Carol of the Bells / Ukranian Carol
[an extremely apt performance]

Not only did I have “The Yale Glee Club” riding my train into NYC on Friday, but later that night they were on my train back home to New Haven. I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct…and somehow they bought it . Did I mention they go to YALE? Thank you to Greg Suralik (class of ’17) and Nolan Crawford, for recording and emailing your videos to me.

Posted by Bob McDonough on Monday, December 7, 2015

(Substitute ‘First Hill Street Car’ for ‘Ding, dong, ding, dong’)
Hark, it’s First Hill
Steep, steep First Hill
LINK deigned to say
No, not that way

Hospitals there
Delivering care
To young and old
In heat and cold

First Hill Street Cars
Sent from afar
For m’bility
In the city

One tends to hear
Words with a sneer
That it was to open
Some time last year

(Oh— how— slo-w-ly it will run)
Tracks in the ground
Can’t go around
Random stuck cars
Efficiency it mars

Stuck in mixed traffic
E’en if you catch it
You’d be there already
If you’d just walked

Stuck in stuck in stuck in stuck in traffic (x2)

6 Replies to “Track 1: Transit-Oriented Caroling”

  1. Where’s Eldo Kannikiberg when we need him? Tragically, answer is: “Same place as the George Benson streetcar line, George Benson, and Ballard.” BTW- I have to remember how many decades fit in between other decades.

    Eldo was a streetcar motorman who sang Christmas carols and songs for many other occasions with a wonderful Scandinavian accent that also disappeared when Ballard went from light industrial to heavy real-estateable speculational.

    May Bertha soon grind into the remains of anything else the age and value of old Ballard, hard enough to take care of its own permanent burial.

    Mark Dublin

  2. Brilliant! Can SDOT play the FHSC song all the time at one of the stations, to pass the time waiting – and more entertaining than OSA – One Streetcar Away ™.

    1. https://seattletransitblog.wpcomstaging.com/2012/12/02/sunday-open-thread-king-street-restoration/

      “The Twelve Days of BRT-mass”

      On the first day of burtmass, my city gave to me
      … a lack of signal priority
      On the second day of burtmass, my city brought to me
      … two bulb-less stops, and
      … a lack of signal priority
      On the third day of burtmass, my city gave to me
      … three sprawl-to-rides,
      … two bulb-less stops, and
      … a lack of signal priority

      (verses 9 and 12 from d.p.)

      On the twelfth day of BRT-mass, my city gave to me
      … twelve tired excuses
      [wait, only twelve? that seems low]
      … eleven and three-score years-old through-routings
      … ten percent sales tax
      … nine-minute detours
      … eight miles per hour on 15th
      … seven stops without orca readers
      … six more broken arrival signs
      … five hundred passengers!
      … four missed transfers
      … three sprawl-to-rides
      … two bulb-less stops
      … and a lack of signal priority!

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