CBC radio had Zach on yesterday to talk about Kevin Desmond and to compare Seattle and Vancouver. His segment begins at 1:27:40. Listen to it now.

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  1. Clearly Zach had done his research before the call, including having the specifics on how many jurisdictions are in Translink’s service area, and knowing the distance from Vancouver to Seattle in kilometers.

    1. That’s what you get in a well-functioning democracy where the overwhelming majority want the government to succeed.

    2. Actually, that isn’t even their news program. They did stuff with Toronto rap music and the NBA all star game and a few other non-news things too. It’s more like a radio variety show that actually talks about everything.

      I’m going to have to rummage around and see what their real news is like, if this is what their non-news programs are like.

  2. Is it possible to set the podcast so it doesn’t automatically start playing anytime we open the Seattle Transit Blog webpage?

    1. It shouldn’t come on until people are ready to listen to it. This evening I opened all the recent articles in tabs so I could check for new comments, and it started playing twice, once on the home page and once on the article page. I’d already listened to it so I didn’t need to listen to it again. I had to go to both tabs and stop it, which was a waste of time and happens every time I check for new comments.

    2. The podcast was very good but is now very annoying that it still plays automatically every time I go to the transit blog. Yes I can turn my speakers off or click pause on the podcast, but as more and more days go by the podcast will be further down in the list of articles. Can the post be revised so that it does not auto play? Thanks.

    3. Looks like that’s a function of the CBC player. super annoying. I’ve removed the embedded player and left the link to go listen on the CBC site.

  3. There’s a new book out about Translink and I’m well into the book. Gotta say the problems with Translink are so fundamental – too much administration, too much waste, bad reputation – that only Kevin Desmond or Emmett Heath could possibly lead a team to fix them. It’s a must-read book even though most on this blog aren’t too receptive to Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation views.

  4. I 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th the comments about not having the player start automatically. If I’m checking back to see if a new story has posted I don’t need to hear that over and over.

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