For my last 2016 fundraising post, I thought I’d share a few words from some current donors, explaining why they support STB:

I read a lot of news, but it’s not always satisfying. I read Seattle Transit Blog a lot, and I think it’s the perfect niche for local news. There’s stuff I can easily look up, news that other sources are covering, and data I can get from public sources. The stuff that’s hard to find is ‘inside’ information/good reporting, long-term perspective, in-depth analysis, and stories that no one else covers. STB has all this! – Daniel

I am happy to give because transit is a proxy for the issues I care the most about, specifically climate change and density. Supporting STB hopefully allows more readers who also care about these and other transit-related issues an independent place to engage. – Zach

Does that sound like you? Then join Zach and Daniel and send a few bucks our way.  We’re doing more and more of that in-depth reporting and analysis thanks to your support. You can sign up for a recurring donation of just $1 a month. It’s painless and you probably won’t even know it’s missing.

When I told my wife, who has many years’ fundraising experience, that I was hoping for 100 new donors this year, she said it was pretty ambitious for any organization to add 100 new donors in a year.  I didn’t know any better at the time; it just seemed like a nice round number. And it looks like we might actually hit it!  So far 62 new donors have stepped up, joining most of last year’s donors, who have renewed for a second year. Thanks again, to all of you.

If you’re feeling generous, remember that a printed version of Oran’s beautiful Seattle Transit Map is available to those who give $150 or $12/month. If you’ve already given at that level, I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address.

Make a donation or click on the donate button above.  Seattle Transit Blog is a 501(c)4; donations are not tax-deductible.

6 Replies to “Last Chance to Help us Hit our Fundraising Goal”

  1. I’m happy to give what I can, where I can. I’d prefer some STB swag, build brand awareness when I make trips down south of the Skagit-Snohomish line like 2 June to save ST3 for us northerners.

  2. The donate link doesn’t work too well. It just takes me to the PayPal home page.

  3. I don’t see a way to make a recurrent monthly donation, just a single one. Is there a way to set up a monthly automatic donation like I do for the Bike Blog and Capitol Hill blog?

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