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  1. One nitpick: Route 106 will not be in the tunnel after the September service change. Route 124, OTOH, we don’t know yet.

  2. I am deeply disappointed that Frank did not name this one “There is no free will.”

  3. One thing to note about bikes and transit is that they should be very complementary. I only bus (far more than I bike) because I also have the option to bike around downtown as a backup and to run errands. This was my choice when my parking effectively got a lot more expensive. You can start to remove or otherwise put economic pressure on parking if people have comparable alternative ways to get around. I’m being generous in that my transit or bike commute is 40+ minutes, vs maybe 20 by car, so that’s just barely comparable, but every little improvement has helped. My fear is by the time the center city mobility plan is unveiled, third-class routes for bikes will be as baked into it as Paine Field is baked in to ST3. I’ll also be interested to see what scraps are left for (and of) cyclists in Eastlake after the next Roosevelt HCT meeting.

  4. I thought Convention Center construction was to eliminate buses in the tunnel in only a couple years or so?

  5. I’m beginning to think it’s time to stop trying to find a way to see O’Brien as a good guy on the housing supply issue. The notion that he’s trying to make DADU’s harder to finance and build because he’s electorally vulnerable to anti-housing NIMBYs is hard to square with his last election result, where he dispatched a an supply restrictionist NIMBY with no difficulty whatsoever. Maybe he just doesn’t support growth, density, and housing as much as he’s claimed to, or as much as we hoped he did.

  6. What’s the plan for the tunnel buses after 2023? I’m guessing the I-90 buses will be discontinued, but what about everything else?

    1. The buses will be out of the tunnel well before 2023, due to the track being laid south of the tunnel tearing up any ability to bring in buses. Assuming Convention Place construction goes forward, 2018 is roughly the bus eviction date.

      Route 550 is the only I-90 bus left in the tunnel. It will be discontinued when East Link opens. Between its eviction and its discontinuance, it will be on 4th and either 2nd or 5th.

      The rest of the I-90 express buses were planned to truncate at Mercer Island Station, but may end up getting truncated at South Bellevue Station. Regardless, they won’t be going into Seattle after the first service change after East Link opens.

      Route 41 will cease going downtown after Northgate Link opens (or rather, the first service change thereafter).

      Routes 101, 102, and 150 will probably end up coming into downtown at the Seneca St exit, but could be truncated at Rainier Beach Station, or could even be stuck with the SODO crawl in perpetuity.

      Route 255 will be pulled in several political directions, but I’m betting it will be drawn in by UW Station’s gravity well after Northgate Link opens.

      1. Thanks. Just found the STB article talking about the convention center sale. :)

  7. While Frank had his window open due to the “heat” of the afternoon (only one airplane though), those of us down here were stuck with triple digit temperatures and certainly no interest in opening windows in most places.

    So, count your blessings when it comes to the “high temperatures” in the summer months in Puget Sound and the need for a bit of outside noise on the podcast.

  8. Two notes on the ADU discussion relaxing restrictions on D/ADUs was part of the original report (recommendation SF1a), and the owner occupancy requirement doesn’t specify which structure the owner live in–they can live in the main house or the ADU.

    1. Yes. So I assume we can put Martin back in the disappointed with O’Brien camp?

      1. I’m not wild about his overall record on the Council, but in this particular instance I eventually settled on being happy with this particular development.

  9. I still haven’t heard much of anything about what ST 3 will mean for ST express bus service, both in the immediate term (2017) and the long term (2041). I really hope this has not been forgotten, and a table of proposed routes and frequencies, both with and without ST 3, would be very beneficial. Especially since, for a lot of us, it’s bus improvements that will be our only benefit of ST 3 for the next 15-20 years.

  10. Renton is a growth center, I went back and checked. Not figuring out how to connect the Burien-Tukwila -Renton growth centers in South King is going to look like a major missed opportunity when density moves to South King once all the developable land in East King is gone. It’s even more of an unforced error than the Paine diversion

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